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Just now, Gabriel Alexander Morillo said:

We had our chance. The D could only hold for so long, this game is on the complete ineptitude of the offense. 




Well it only gets worse because the offense will still need to manage to put up 30 points to win still, in a quarter in a half lol,


Ohhh touchdown, how nice wide open to Hill. 

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7 minutes ago, 19colt said:

Houston looks like winning. This will get tough to watch if KC score here and great now Foles will be back in and they will look better...


I hate being right. As easy as that TD was, Smith doesn't find him. 

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Strange enough I'm not that upset about this game right now... Of course I wasn't expecting too much with the defense, but sheesh... I was kinda hoping the offense would give us something to cheer about...

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Lol honestly guys as much as we love Davis as an all around CB I suggest he doesn't tackle rbs any more  cuz without him we don't know how to call a defensive play..and on offense chud is stupid for not having us in hurry up and pick is too much of a yes man to run the offense HIMSELF 

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1 minute ago, oldunclemark said:

we do thins every week...how can so many forget??


the rally starts now

How do you ever fail to see that half of our "rallies" are because the game is over and they play prevent?


This game isn't over yet but im speaking to all the 4th quarter shenanigans we seem to have a lot of. 

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    • I can't get past the argument that they won't spend that much money on the offensive line with contracts for Kelly, Nelson and Smith either signed or on the way. I think they have to go with a rookie at tackle.
    • Yeah I agree. This 4 round mock took about a week and some change to complete if you take into account how long it took to sign everyone up. Start it maybe 2 weeks before the draft.
    • you said:     which I disagree with.  I’m not misunderstanding, I’m disagreeing. I don’t think Bobby will “more than likely be a pretty darn good player.” I think he has the potential to be. He still has a ton to show me, so I disagree. And to wrap this up, I certainly disagreed with you saying you thought he could get close to Leonard’s ability, which after 3 seasons is Hall of Fame level play. Bobby isn’t that good man. He’s just not. He’s not even close to Leonard. He has a lot of work to do just to be a permanent fixture on this defense, IMO. 
    • There were 7 WRs drafted above DK in the 2019 draft -- the only 2 who have made a probowl are Mecole Hardman and AJ Brown.     My guess is most teams had a red flag on DK due to his neck injury.   Parris' main concern was that he was in an offense at OSU which never really saw him have to run honed routes.  IIRC, Reich said he saw at the combine that he was certainly able to run better routes than the way OSU used him.    It's also crazy as @Colt Overseas pointed out, Campbell's injuries in the NFL have all be sort of freak injuries to different areas of his body.  It's not like we drafted him with a major injury issue to any specific part of his body, or that after he got an NFL injury that those injuries persist -- he's had some weird freak accidents (e.g., his hand injury).     Hopefully he comes back healthy and stays that way.  He seems like a great young man and a hard worker.  I hope it'll work out with him.  While we haven't seen much of him, the few flashes he has shown he proves he is very dynamic and explosive and can be a playmaker in this league.  Just a series of bad luck, IMO.  Hopefully the 3rd time (season) is a charm and he gets over the hump this coming year.
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