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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • To each their own of course...but I think trades are fun...and a great way to get talent you wouldn't otherwise get. And in-season...that could be huge.
    • What would you guys give up realistically for Darnold?   I’d give NY our 1st but I would want a swap of our 2nd round pick and the extra 1st they got from Seattle for Adams. Win-win for all.   The Jets would have the number 1 overall pick and the Colts 1st round pick (probably in the 15-21 range). Colts would get Darnold and still have a 1st round pick that might be in the 26-32 range. Considering Ballard has traded out of the 1st round the last two years, I could see him being thrilled with having a late 1st.
    • Yep...there are a few TEs out there that would be of interest to me. I am probably in the minority...but unless MAC starts getting targets again...I find the current group underwhelming. But mostly...I have little faith that they will all stay healthy...as all three have missed games this year.   Not to mention that MAC is really the only dynamic TE on the roster...if we are talking about being a downfield threat. Burton and Doyle are just guys you dump off to...MAC actually stretches the field.   Would also be nice to have a younger TE on the roster...who can be here next year. Doyle is nearing the end of the road...you can just see it.
    • Jim Irsay continues to be one of the best owners in sports that understands he has responsibilities that come from owning a team goes beyond what you see on the field Sundays.
    • I really love hearing things like this.  I truly believe that he is the future QB1 in 2021 for the Colts.  He has shown so much in how he is taking this "redshirt" year.  Just imagine, he was the 5 star recruit and the number 1 rated QB per Rivals.  Then he became a freshman starter at Georgia and went 8-5.  Then he was got hurt and transferred to Washington.  Many predicted him as a first round pick.  He gets picked in the 4th round.  His motivation is high.  Look at these tweets from local reporters.    
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