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Christine Michael Fantasy Value temporary?


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How valuable is Thomas Rawls when he comes back? Who is the red zone RB for the Seahawks? I hate how teams use different red zone RBs. It hurts fantasy values for teams because one does all the running then the other guy just pounds in for a 2 yard TD. I have Christine Michael and someone is offering Tyler Eifert. I am in desperate need for a TE. I feel like Christine is only temporary. Who will get more carries when Rawls comes back?

My other RBs are Eziekel and Murray so he would just be a W/R.

How valuable is Eifert? He didn’t do much this past week but I think they are starting off slow with him because of injury.

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Unless Tyler Eifert is going to go bonkers like Gronk and A.J.Green is banged up, I cannot with good conscience trade Christine Michael right now. It is like a bird in one hand vs two in the bush scenario. 


Do you have Rawls on your roster along with Christine Michael? Even when both were healthy, Christine Michael was running better and eventually the Seahawks realized he was a better option with Rawls banged up and we have this situation. For some reason, even in the Cardinals game, the Seahawks did not commit to the run as much as I thought they would.


I own Christine Michael in 3 leagues now. I would grab Rawls as a safety net, and not do this trade, just my opinion. That way, you still have the Seahawks starter, no matter how it evolves.  That would be my first option. 


If you have a great bench already for a sure fire WR/RB flex, and are leading the league comfortably by a few wins, I would take it. With RB injuries around, all it takes is one injury to Murray or Ezekiel to wreck things for your line up that a flex RB becomes starter RB. Ask me, I drafted Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster within my first 5 picks :(

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My record is 5-2. I couldve been 6-1 if Christine played like the other weeks but I did not know that the Cardinals defense was going to be that stingy this past weekend. It was a close score.


My bench is okay. They each score atleast 10 points every week. I added Rawls today. Im going to wait another week to see how Eifert does this weekend. It’s a London game so I am holding off on the trade. I hate these London games, the fields are not the best conditions for football players. They are made for tall, skinny lightweight soccer players not big, heavy football players so the oline tends to slip a lot.

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