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Bill Polian Signs On With Sirius Radio

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Since Bill is no longer with the Colts, I guess this belongs in the NFL forums.

As one of the top minds in the NFL, Polian will regularly host shows on SiriusXM Radio. Just in time for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, he will make his debut on Monday night with former NFL quarterback Jim Miller as his co-host. The two will also be on the air Wednesday and Friday.


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I was surprised by this because he had said he wanted to retire

If I had sirius though I'd listen to him. I always enjoyed his post game radio show

He's very quotable. My favorite is (regarding a questionable call and explanation for it)

"I'll have to review the tapes, sounds like the usual likely story"

I still laugh at that one. We like to say it at my house

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    • The Colts will have an easier time prying Watson out of Houston than the top pick from the Jags.  
    • Way too early to know.      I mean I could say I want a free agent but we don’t know whose going to be available or what the price tag would be.  With the draft they haven’t had to the combine or whatever the Combine will be this year to really give you an idea of where guys will be drafted.     just too many variables.     what I do know is that Ballard will address it.  So for now that’s good enough for me.
    • I don’t get the rage from the OP.  I don’t think anyone thinks if the Colts bring Jacoby back he’s going to be the long term answer at QB.  At most he’d be a bridge starter to a rookie but even that is unlikely.  If he’s brought back it would be as the back up QB.  It’s also not going to be close to the money he made before.  I also got the impression from Ballard’s presser it seemed like while he likes Jacoby he seemed to be saying it’s unlikely he would be back.   So I guess I don’t think there is much to worry about on this front.  
    • Just to give you an idea of how draft trades work when the Redskins moved up nine spots to pick 26 at the end of the first round it cost them two second rounders.  A first and second aren’t going to get you up high enough to take a QB unless someone majorly slips and if that happens you have to wonder why they are falling that far.  Yes Rodgers slipped but so Johnny Football and Brady Quinn and guys who have careers that turn out like that are far more common for QBs who slip that far in the first round than a guy like Rodgers.  They slip because teams don’t think he’s the guy.     Now with that said I do think that’s what Ballard was talking about when he said it takes a little luck.  He knows for them to get a QB early in the draft someone he really likes is going to have to slip some.  So I wouldn’t rule out him going up to get someone if they slip bit picking at 21 your talking mid first round at the earliest for a first and second.  They aren’t going to jump into the top ten for that.     the closet I can find to that kind of move is the Jets going up 12 picks from 17 to 5 to get Sanchez and it cost them a first, a second, and three players.  Point being it didn’t come cheap and 1st and 2nd alone isn’t going to get you where you want to be to get a stud QB when your picking 21 in all likely hood.  
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