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I have been saying this for the longest.....

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Get rid of mcnary he is complete trash! Today's game proved it.....he can not cover at all we all know this but chuck doesn't want to acknowledge it but eventually he will have to if he's gonna leave mcnary on the field and that dumb penalty he made when robinson had the pick! Smh who doesn't know when to tackle??? Obviously mcnary doesn't 

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He's one of those guys that the coaches/FO really like so I think he gets a lot of leeway. Pagano and Grigson have always been really high on him.

He's probably my least favorite LB on the team but since we're so thin he's gotta play. I just hope Jackson can win the spot over him soon.

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I think we all want to see Mcnary out of the starting lineup and on special teams where he belongs. I think he loses his spot in the near future and maybe he has been used as a filler until they feel E. Jackson is ready to become a full time starter. All the potential is there, but is Jackson mentally ready for a game from start to finish?

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