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Just now, 21isSuperman said:

That should do it.  We get the win and Pagano and Grigson can continue to delude Irsay that they know what they're doing


Theres really nothing that points to them being fired this season. I for one will be happy to have a win

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    • Oh, about 50 times more likely than what you have been postulizing. Please do NOT go on how you think Frank, Brady, our line coach, the other position coaches, would all be good coaching up your offense. They have the Right Stuff! So change whatever we must, and just grab any number of Nicks available fine running QB's to lead us Somewhere THIS YEAR?  What you "don't see" is we have all kinds of things to "fix" for next year on both sides of the ball. Like every year.   Please go back and keep watching Warners breakdown of WENTZ as many    times as it takes to figure it out that we did have the receivers open enough to pressure the D with the passing game.  And That FB 101 SUCCESS would have put your statistical argument in the dumpster where it belongs.  One thing i see as certain, Irsay, Ballard, and Reich are looking pretty stupid regarding Jacoby and Wentz. We ARE NOT at all looking like a "Next Year" team. So what's the ... Rush?  
    • I think Mariota has been WRONGLY mislabeled as being a run only qb who can't throw from the pocket simply because he was drafted by a team that PRIMARILY used him as a runner. Mariota in high school and college was a PASSING qb with a nice arm who COULD run thus making him a dual threat. Once drafted by the woeful Titans his WHOLE narrative changed because of HOW they USED him or some might even say MISUSED him with the constant DESIGNED roll outs outside the pocket. The Titans were a run oriented offense that lacked an adequate passing game or receivers. The scheme was lackluster and called on Mariota to make plays with his legs which in turn led to his injuries as time wore on. See Lamar Jackson as I stated in another post.   Mariota has talent and could be a nice stop gap or maybe even a qb1 on the right team that will ALLOW him to showcase his ARM. I still remember how god awful Kurt Warner looked on that Giants team that lacked a passing game or o-line after leaving the Rams. His narrative was that he was done. That his SUCCESS with the Rams was based solely on the scheme and the very talented weapons that SURROUNDED him in which he greatly benefited. That ALL changed once he went to the Cardinals and CONFIRMED his HOF career.   It does matter WHAT team drafts or picks you up. Will they put you in a situation to succeed? Ask ANY passing qb what their numbers looked like under say a Jeff Fisher type. Steve McNair EARNED the nickname "Air McNair" in college by shattering numerous passing records yet under Fisher was known as a tough, gritty, running qb who COULD throw when necessary. Wow
    • I agree because if we made the playoffs it would look like we were better than what we are and they wouldn't see the changes that are needed. They'd pretend they weren't there and I mean all of us can see the glaring needs there are obvious at WR, TE, left tackle. pass rush (DE) and corner. But sometimes I think sometimes Ballard and Reich see things through rose colored glasses and that's not reality which showed up at the end of the season. 
    • a solid LT, and another star pass rusher will do this team wonders.   edit: im rooting for the bengals this year in the post season.  really like how they turned it around there, 
    • Missing the playoffs sucked but seeing the Pats get crushed was great. Also one of my best friends is a Bengals fan and I was happy for him.
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