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Bill O' Brien vs. Chuck Pagano -- a tale of two opposites.

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Studying these two coaching personalities on both sides of the extreme has left me curious which I prefer. Bill O'Brien is honest with his emotions; you see it all the time on the sidelines when he rolls his eyes and face palms. Pagano is more reserved, and even claps when our team makes mistakes.


At half-time, in Houston's game against the Colts, a reporter asked O'Brien what needs to be done to fire up his offense and he was honest with his answer: "I don't know." When I heard that, I laughed and said to myself, "They're done! Stick a fork in them," but they clearly made some half-time adjustments, and in hindsight, I appreciated O'Brien's honesty. If Pagano was asked the same question in O'Brien's situation, he would have put a spin on his answer with a canned response.

I was also digging through some old clips of O'Brien and saw his time when he got into a heated verbal exchange with Tom Brady after a thrown INT. Pagano would never lecture a QB like that, but I appreciate this level of accountability O'Brien shows in his players. Someone else who was firm with his players was Bruce Arians -- I saw him chat with Luck a lot on the sidelines after Luck would make a mistake.


I don't know if Pagano will get fired, but if he does, I want a coach who's closer to O'Brien's personality. We need to light a fire under our players. They don't play with passion. I think a lack of player leadership is at fault with the absence of Manning and Wayne, so we need to off-set that void with tougher coaching.

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If you browse a Texans blog you'll see that BOB has about the same level of reputation among their fans like Pagano has around here. The Bolts and Jags fans can't wait that their HC gets fired. I don't think either one is better than the other or better than the average for that matter...

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