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Former Colts RB Dominic Rhodes, whom the NFL suspended the past year, has been reinstated and is free to sign with a team.


I wish him well. His last brief stint with us, he was a difference maker. He seems to be a locker room inspiration guy. Team is better when he's around.

I was bummed out when he ran into personal issues and hope he has resolved them and goes on to play some more

Good Luck DOM!

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I believe it was for breaking the substance abuse policy

Yeah. I loved Dom. One of my favorite Colts players. He got released because of a substance abuse problem, went to play for the Florida Tuskers in the ufl. He talked about how he had turned his life around and how he felt better than he had in years.

The Colts resigned him and I was so excited. As Maureen said he is a difference maker.

Fell back into the substance abuse. Guess the NFL is not for him, but I wish him the best in whatever path his life takes him down now.

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Won the UFL's offensive player of the year award this past season so he still has some gas in the tank....could find a spot as a 3rd down back on an NFL roster next season...heck LT is still somewhat productive at that age...33-34...who knows? Wont be w the Colts though.

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