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I have been a Colts fan back when they were in Baltimore.

I have been a season ticket holder since they moved to Indiana.

I currently live in Virginia and still hold on to my season tickets because I can't let them go after so many years.

My Virginia License plate is "Colts53" and I wear my jersey every Sunday to watch the games on Sunday Ticket so please do not jump on me for not supporting our team or call me a fair-weather fan when I make my comments.


I think over the years we can all say that we have had some exceptional players and teams in Indianapolis.  We had a lot of regular season success during the Manning years and made it to the "show" twice, winning once.  Looking at our talent at the time, I believe we had a potential dynasty which never fully manifested in the post season.


Forward to Luck who by all accounts is a fantastic quarterback and we have players who are very capable of playing at a high level and yet once again our success has been hit or miss.


I can't validate this comment, but I feel as though we suffer a higher injury rate than other teams and it seems that year after year the "experts" believe us to be a strong team but often times are left to question why we aren't living up to our potential.


I keep going back to our coach / leader dynamics and our belief that we need to stay "true to who we are".

I believe we can all agree that the Colts, our owner, coaching staff and our players are held in high regard by everyone who has any dealings with the team.  We are and have always been a high "moral standard" for the league.  Never really hated, never really controversial, never really outwardly negative in any aspects and I LOVE THAT about the team, but I believe there is a double edged sword when we are talking about the NFL.


There are multiple areas to look at and again, I am going with gut analysis but this is where I feel we are having a challenge.


You can say what you want about Jim Irsay, but I believe him to be a good person with a good heart and a good moral judgement.  We ALL make mistakes but I believe that my prior comment defines who he is.  I also believe that he does his best to surround himself with like-minded positive individuals.  Look at some of our past coaches!

Pagano, Dungy, Marchibroda.  These guys were likable, had high moral standards and led with a smile.  The players LOVE these guys!  I wouldn't hesitate to invite any of them over for Thanksgiving dinner!


I would believe that a coach, as in business you have a series of factors that may help to determine potential success.  

1. Work ethic

2. Knowledge

3. How you manage yourself and others

4. How you lead / coach


I would love to ask each coach to "think about the BEST coach you ever had... what attributes made them the BEST"___ Then "Think about the WORST coach you ever had... what attributes made them the WORST"___ Finally "If we asked each player individually, where do you feel they would place YOU and WHY?"


Are the coaches LEADERS or are they just managing the football PROCESS?

Yes the players LIKE them, but do they RESPECT them and if so WHY?

Is the respect POSITIONAL (because of title) or has it been EARNED?

How does the coach hold each PLAYER on the team responsible?

Is there a clear vision and action plan or do the coaches change on a whim in regards to how they are treating and reacting to the players / team?

Do they players understand the vision and expectations in practice... in personal development... in games?

Do they change the way they coach each individual based on their ability or willingness to try, or do they treat everyone exactly the same?

What is the communication process with the assistant coaches?

Are the assistants TRULY an extension of the Head Coach?

Do they have the same vision / expectations and if not... why?

Who are the natural leaders?  Have they been empowered to lead on the team?

Who's work ethic is strong and how are you using that as an expectation with others?


Are we too "nice" to be good?

Are we consistent in our expectations?

If we were to pull every player away to ask them... "how is success defined TODAY in practice" would they ALL have the same answer?

If we asked them... "what is your coaches SPECIFIC expecations for you TODAY" what would they say?

If we asked them... "what is different TODAY than yesterday when we lost" what would they say.


Football is the PERFECT physical ballet and I wonder if the team even knows what music is on right now.


Sorry for the rant.






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Very well said! I agree with you, though and you bring up some great questions there at the end. I agree with you 100% about Jim Irsay. The guy isn't perfect. But he is a genuinely good person with a big heart and I think it shows with his commitment to Pagano and Grigson. But I do hope that we figure out what music is on right now for the Colts. I think it's a mix between Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Barney theme song. The guys need some motivation because they look lifeless at times.

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Really well said and thoughtful


I was thinking your questions could apply to any organization.  I've been part of things that worked well and things that didn't.  But always I've wanted to be part of something that works REALLY WELL. It's fleeting and hard to find.


  And that's what it takes in the NFL.  People are all wild cards so who knows what the issues are.  Is it culture, is it talent, is it leadership, is it consistency?   I'm sure those on the the inside look at these questions as any leader would

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I have worked for teams where we had great leaders... and teams where we had great managers.


The leader was able to pull the best out and the manager managed the process and while they were knowledgeable, they never got the most out of the team.


There is a great debate... are leaders BORN or MADE.

I will make the argument that while you can LEARN leadership skills, there are those where it is simply hard coded in their DNA.


Are we preparing our guys to WIN or to PLAY?

What is more important... harmony or improvement?

When we look at the coach, where does he falll on that scale?

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    • I would strongly consider signing FA safety Eric Reid.   Than we need to see about focusing on LT, TEs, and DEs for next season.  Worse case may have to see how the Cardinals are using Kelvin Beachum and offer a trade if we end up losing AC early mid-trade season.  Other potential upcoming FA's may look more into would be TB Bucs WR Chris Godwin, TE Gerald Everett, and DE Trent Murphy.     I realized we just paid Kelly at center but oft-injured game-time availability has me wondering how our backup would do.  Am looking at Centers Daniel Kilgore (KC), Evan Brown (Browns) or Josh Andrews (Jets) as potential backup targets.    As for the 2021 draft my early LT target to keep an eye on is Jackson Carman from Clemson in Round 1.  Again I am high on S Hamsah Nasirildeen (Florida St) who went back to school but should still be a first rounder.  TE Pat Freiermuth (Penn St) has me intrigued.  As for DEs had Edge Patrick Jones II (Pitttsburgh) on my wish list in Round 2.  Hilton's age on the end of his career had me looking at WR Nico Collins (Michigan) in Round 3.  Collins has solid hands and no history of drops.
    • I’ve found my new favorite way to watch a game.  Really gives you an idea of what's happening.    You can see play design, who’s out of position, who missed a block, who fell down, even who’s pickin their nose or scratchin their butt. All 22 on the field so you miss nothing.   I especially like to see the blocking bubbles grow or collapse on the line.   I just cant say how much i’m gaining from this.  Each play is run twice...once from sideline (all 22), then from endzone (all 22).  Great to see the plays develop, or a defender fly across the field to a tackle.   No sound, so i will still watch normally first (or radio sometimes for drama), but if anyone never checked it out..... you must!  I cant believe i waited this long.  I have such a better idea of what we’re trying to do and who looks good or bad on EVERY play.   Also, i feel better about last week after watching for some odd reason.  I kept finding myself saying “oh, thats why that happened.”   The normal perspective is such a focused frame , usually on the ball.  We’re missing all the little battles going on in the periphery.
    • Well the misconception was the Jags were going to tank this season. No one told them that.  Your sky is falling opinion is way too pre mature. 
    • My questions are can he find the crack and what will he do mean the crack ain’t there.  Wisconsin doesn’t do cracks, they block chasms against the cornfield circuit.
    • Many die hard colt fans are sugar coating this loss as they want to believe so hard that this was a fluke or lol actually believing the Jags are a good team!  After the Jags just unloaded ALL their probowl talent, you think the roster is loaded?  If their loaded, what do you call this colts roster?  I think the Colts overlooked their opponent even know they haven't won there since a grip.
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