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It looks like there will be quite a few colts players signing autographs tomorrow at the NFL expierence. You have to listen to a 2 or 3 minute comercial before it mentions the names but, if you call 1-888-NFL- CARD (635-2273)it eventually goes though the list. Gary Bracket was the biggest name on the list (no Manning or Freeney....hope you were sitting down for that).

This was a few months ago, and I know there was not a big deal made of this, but if someone could check my sanity..... Does anyone else remember that there was going to be a Colts fan appreication day at the NFL expierence. I thought I remeber that on one of the early days of it (maybe tomorrow), if you were Colts gear, you would get $5 off admission that day. Does anyone remember this.

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Thanks grmasterb,

I found something on the web


there are other discouts also:

Group Tickets

Groups of 25 or more can purchase tickets and receive $5 off admission price per ticket. Must be purchased through Ticketmaster. Excludes Saturday, February 4.

Colts Fan Appreciation Day – January 30-31

Wear your Colts jersey and receive $5 off per ticket. Valid at NFLX box office only.

Military Discount – January 27-February 1

Active and non-active military personnel receive $5 off admission. Proof of military service required. Valid at the NFLX box office only.

Media Day Discount – January 31

Bring your Media Ticket to the NFLX box office and receive $5 off an NFLX ticket.

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