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Ravens Insider And Krav On The Pagono Hire Via Jmv's Show

John Dee

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I heard from one of Baltimore's BIGGEST fans yesterday. This guy hasn't missed a home game in 54 YEARS!!! If you see the picture of the moving vans pulling out of the Colts complex in Baltimore, he's the guy standing next to the sign. So he knows his Baltimore football. He said that we are getting a GREAT guy for a coach, and that the fans and more importantly the players in Baltimore all hate to see him go.

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Cant know.....Really dont know him....

I'm glad we get a defensive 'expert' though...

..we already have the guy to run the offense .... #18...

and Pagono has faced off with Manning in his role as DB coach in 2009 and 2010 so he respects Manning and Wayne and Garcon.,,

I'm sure he wants them to return..

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