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Finally, this is how I feel after the first win of the season....

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    • Regardless of whose idea it was that move doesn’t happen without Irsay’s okay so your point is very good.     It’s no secret Irsay wanted smooth transitions with a line of succession to keep continuity going like they had with Dungy to Caldwell. I know several here will argue Caldwell wasn’t good but he started 14-0 and got to a Super Bowl in his first year and made the playoffs the next.  Up to that point Irsay would have said it was working.  So I fully believe Irsay wanted the samething with the Polians.  Also it’s not like Bill went out and just brought Chris in out of nowhere.  He had worked his way up through the draft scout team, not unlike Ballard and most GMs do, and had been groomed for years for that job.     Lets not forget a few years before this the Falcons explored brining Chris Polian and Jim Caldwell to Atlanta to run that franchise and try to copy what the Colts had done.  That’s why both Chris and Caldwell got title changes in Dungy’s last season.  So the Colts weren’t the only team eyeing Chris for a GM job.     Now it didn’t work and we have the benefit of hindsight to say the Colts should have never done it but at the time it seemed very logical.  
    • They dont have Grover's extension figured into 2021 cap number yet and our roll over is already figured in.   We are setting at the $65-$66m currently depending on that fi ao cap number($175/ or $176m).   https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/indianapolis-colts/   https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/cap/2021/   Spotrac doesnt have Grover figured in either but I think the numbers are easier to read there by scrolling all the way down.
    • That would require a new CBA among other things. And it’d turn that into what the NBA did. So I sure hope the league does not grant any exceptions nor make any concessions. Period. All but 2-3 of those teams were over the cap prior to the cut. They mismanaged the cap so it’s on those teams. 
    • He was a rookie that didn't get much time in preseason due to being banged up. That's an unreasonable expectation.   Here's the video of the hit:   Keep in mind that this is slowed down and Harrison Smith hits like a mac truck, so any contact from him usually carries a LOT of force behind it. In this case, all of this force was to the side of Parris' planted leg. This isn't some lingering hamstring or foot issue that just keeps coming back over and over again. Smith doesn't shoot for his knee and we most likely still have Parris Campbell on the active roster.
    • I will give Irsay some responsibility for letting Polian put Chris in as the GM.  Irsay should have kept a better eye on things rather then letting Polian have full rein. 
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