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Play D. Baldwin or P. Dorsett today?

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Tough call, Dorsett is an all or nothing type of player.  Really the match ups are about the same.  These two are kind of a toss up at this point.  I think Baldwin is more reliable, but Dorsett can have more upside.  Although I am sure Dorsett will get some work and he is always a deep threat with potential to put up big numbers, so I would go with Dorsett. 

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Thanks Corndog. I'm feeling the same way plus, Baldwin has been nursing a sore knee all week. He's been on the injury report as questionable right up to today.


I'm thinking with TY drawing the Chargers #1 cb Dorsett might be able to get loose down field for at least one big play that is hopefully a score. I'm leaning his way right now.

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I don't give any advice of fantasy football because no one knows what is going to happen. Right before game time I had Williams in because I had been reading all week that the Chargers were going to throw all over us. I changed him for Baldwin right before kickoff. Well that paid off. On the other hand I benched Blount because of the Texans defense hadn't gave up much on the ground. Big mistake on my part. Sometimes it boils down to luck in picking the right players at the right time. The so called experts don't even get it right most of the time.

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