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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Broncos Game Day Thread

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Nice stop. 3-3. That Screen pass was lucky, we deflected and they still got 44 Yards on it, makes me SMH.

So true

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5 minutes ago, a06cc said:

Also whatever happened to the chat?


It's up and going. Look at the menu and select "Chat"

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

Game is too fast.........our defense is on the field a lot


Yeah and they actually got off to a decent start...not for long if we can't sustain drives 

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    • After making the playoffs and winning a game last year I would have thought Ballard would have spent some money for a couple of difference makers in FA but he didn't.  After this season do we honestly think he will?  His short history says no.  He will be interested in quite a few but he will draw his line in the sand on the money and that will be it.  Hope he surprises us but I'm not too excited about FA.   I'm expecting a couple of mid tier players again that will be happy to get another opportunity.   
    • Not on this forum.. Lol.   I'm with you though.
    • Unfortunately, the last 3 weeks the Colts have had the worst pass defense in the league (like 307 yards per game surrendered).  Not a good sign with Brees/Thomas and company being next up.     I'd rather take our chances with our current team in an outdoor blustery stadium (run the ball, stop the run) in the playoffs rather than being in a passing game shootout.    Which reminds me, I'm not confidant the way CB/Reich has built the offense fits L.O.S. That along with ( sorry locals, you're not K.C. or Seattle's 12 ) the lack of noise means there really is no 'home field advantage' to speak of.
    • The Bills are who I am most rotting for in the playoffs.   They are also who I give the least chance to win.
    • You never know. I think it is more likely that the Colts get embarrassed on national TV.   Our playoff hopes are so slim, I'm not sure if I want us to win or not.    Of course when I'm watching the game I'll be rotting for the Colts all game.   But if it ends with a loss, I won't be too disappointed.  
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