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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Broncos Game Day Thread

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Nice stop. 3-3. That Screen pass was lucky, we deflected and they still got 44 Yards on it, makes me SMH.

So true

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5 minutes ago, a06cc said:

Also whatever happened to the chat?


It's up and going. Look at the menu and select "Chat"

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

Game is too fast.........our defense is on the field a lot


Yeah and they actually got off to a decent start...not for long if we can't sustain drives 

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    • Thanks. I respect you as well. We disagree, but you are fair. And we both want to win more than anything.  
    • Wonder why these are mostly positive "fringe stats", many are limited to "AFC", and are void of most basic QB and passing stats... I find the time to throw mentions (bolded), spin worth a politician. It's a pretty thorough cherry pick effort though.
    • just wanted to let you know, I am sure plenty of people think I am full of it too in private  . I respect you as a poster and roll with the flow. This forum gets whacky at times.
    • Florio is the biggest * out there, he said Manning wasn't a top 10 QB of all-time. Manning is top 3 and it even isn't a debate.
    • Simple reason. KC was missing the things that gave them their strength and identity. We were/are missing things that we didn't use well or often when healthy, and continue not to utilize them even when they are open.    If a baseball team is known for having bad pitching, but great bats, does it matter if their pitcher is out? Or is it worse if their #1 hitter is out?   And LOL at the other stuff. I'm sure I can guess who the pearl clutcher (s) is (are). One in particular is stalkerish via unsolicited PMs. I could care less what they or others think, especially if it's the one or ones I suspect. Questioning my fandom is pretty darn funny though. I'm not a fan because I disagree with certain narratives... sure... 
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