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Indianapolis Colts
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    • IMO there is no way in hell JB shouldn't have played vs Miami. We win that we are 6-3, that alone changes the season up to this point even. I think Reich thought Miami was so bad that he could gamble and play Hoyer and still win. That was a mistake.
    • That's actually not true. The Pacers have proven they can win without him. They are 33 and 20 without him since he's been a Pacer. Sabonis even has a better defensive rating than Myles does this year AND can actually score and rebound as well. I don't think it's much of coincidence that with Sabonis getting starter minutes he's EASILY shown he's the all around much better player.    The comparison? 4 years in the league(s) and still pretty much the same players they were in college, probably wouldn't get much in a trade for either one, and both are making ~18M this year. It doesn't get any more comparable than that... Myles' and Jacoby's ships have sailed. It's time to move on.
    • I don't know if this topic should be merged with another but it's something I need to get off my chest.  I've been contemplating where everything went off track for us.  And I keep coming back to the Steelers game & JB's injury.  But the more and more I think about it, I think Frank's actions in that game & the following week have cost us this season.   I came to this conclusion when I saw Justin Fields take a very similar shot to his knee in the OSU vs UM game.  OSU's coach put Fields back into the game.  The Buckeyes stabilized & Fields led them to victory that day & since to the playoffs.  I bring this up because it got me thinking about how our coach handled a similar situation.  JB came out & Hoyer threw a TD to Doyle (who was so wide open that JB could have made that throw but Hoyer did make some other good throws so I'm not disparaging his play that day) and Frank never looked back.   They showed him on the sideline and he could truly care less how his starting QB was doing...  It was as if he had been waiting for the moment where he could yank JB & put in a QB that he preferred.  How he handled the next week was more proof.  JB apparently took all the reps because he was healthy enough to play and as the starter wanted to.  But Frank didn't truly want him as the QB. So what does he do? He starts Hoyer, supposedly with minimal practice reps, because he felt that even with minimal reps, Hoyer was better than JB.   Unfortunately, it blew up in his and all Colts fans' faces when Hoyer laid an egg.  When Frank pulled JB for BH our season spiraled down the drain.  I believe that JB beats Pittsburgh and Miami and our season is looking very different despite the kicking woes & injuries & JB's limitations.  We were 5-2 at the time.  You don't make a boneheaded change like that.  You dance with the one that you brought...  The guy that lead us to 5-2 & 2nd in the AFC...   So I've reached the conclusion that Frank doesn't truly want JB as his QB.  And in that case we must move on to another QB next season.  I defended JB because the guy won and his teammates loved him.  But his limitations have worn on me as things have spiraled down the drain.  But he isn't alone in getting the blame.  I'm putting a lot of it on Frank & his decision to not trust his QB that got him to 5-2.     So we'll get a QB in here that he prefers next year but he won't be getting any more free passes from me.  He better win with whomever it is because I just watched him sabotage this season when the AFC was open for the taking.  If Luck said he wanted to come back in the Steelers game would Frank have ignored him & kept JB or whomever was the backup in the game?  Not a chance.  Would he have let Luck take all the reps the following week and then went with the backup?  Not a chance.  He wanted JB out and leapt at the opportunity when it was there.  Unfortunately, all he did was sink our season...
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