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"Welcome to the NFL' moment


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This is from Denver 's web site..and the speaker is rookie strong safety Will Parks


Sept. 12, 2016 - The 'Welcome to the NFL' moment

Will Parks: Everybody talks about how much of a dream that is to be in that situation. To actually really be there – you can see how it feels. For me, it was like a sigh of a relief that I officially brought everything that I spoke as a little kid into existence. That was one of the best things for me. Running down that field a couple times against a great team. They beat everybody in the NFL last year except for us.

I’ve never really been to an NFL game. To actually be on the field, to be a player for this city, it’s more than a dream come true.

 It was crazy before the game to see Peyton walk out the door. To be honest, that lit up a fire in my brain that said, "You need to get a Super Bowl right now. If you can’t get it right now, get it the next day. Work toward pushing your teammates so that you’re ready." I was motivated from that. I’m always motivated from my situation, my upbringing, where I come from, but seeing him – Peyton Manning – bring that trophy out, it was crazy.


It was super real because I’ve never seen him in real life. You hear all about Peyton Manning around here. You hear about all the great quarterbacks, like John Elway. In my time, it was Peyton Manning. I just missed him by a year. To see him in person ... When he walked out of that room, it was like, you’re really here. You’re here. It’s plain and simple. That was the 'Welcome to the NFL' moment. … Then to get a 21-20 win in prime time, that was definitely a 'Welcome to the NFL' moment.

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