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Chuck Pagano Is The New Coach Of The Indianapolis Colts (Merge)


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Hey, that's who I guessed on Irsay's contest!! I wonder when I get my Super Bowl tickets...

I think you should get tickets anyways it's just a not a game there without the Tuba. Also, if you do go I am okay with renting you out to the Giants for the game we'll just have to train them on the first down thing. :)

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Really was hoping for someone with HC experience... he has 0 experience as a HC. Our biggest complaint against Caldwell is that he couldn't manage a game as a HC. Thought they would have gone with someone who had proven HC experience to build a team. Once again we would be in no man's land with our HC.

Much success-- and looking forward to more winning seasons and SB runs!

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The Indianapolis Colts will hold a 3 p.m. press conference to announce the hiring of Chuck Pagano as the team’s new head coach. Colts Owner & CEO Jim Irsay will be available along with General Manager Ryan Grigson.

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1 year in an already successful defensive scheme, is that going to be enough to make a successful coach? Young and raw so how many mistakes can we expect and will tolerate before the board starts calling for his head? I am not overly thrilled about a one year wonder but perhaps his resume is deeper than this, IDK.

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Dunno, but NFLN now reports that some Ravens coaches won't be retained.

So, there may be other's available off that staff to fill other positions.

Guys just becuase he ran a 3/4 in Balitomore doesn't mean that is what we are going to run. He coached alot of places & some were 4/3 defenses. If we did convert to a 3/4 I could easily see Mathis being retianed as A rush LB & Freeney being a rush down guy or released or traded. His cap # next year is 14 Millon I believe? Mathus could easily be Suggs, Bethea/ Reed & well we will work on the Lewis charcter!

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What's gonna happen with Mathis and Freeney now? We are gonna be defensive minded now so more $$$$ will be needed for defense? Peyton's $28M bonus doesn't seem to fit anymore.

You got it. I see them in rebuild mode now. I think they want to get young again with talent on both sides of the ball.

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