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The media was sick and tired of him.

The fans were too, not all, but you could see the majority of people wanted to see a change, regardless of Chris being the GM

He is gone

We are changing, beginning a new era.

Are you, personally, ready to get closure, and if you were one of those fans who wanted him out, do you want to see him honored by the franchise, recognize his work and "remember the good times"?

I am. I wish he cmes back sooner than later and the franchise recognizes him for what he meant to your town and especially your team?

Adios amigos

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I liked Bill Polian. The franchise was very successful under his tenure. Do I want to see him recognized for his accomplishments? Not immediately. Polian left the Colts in terrible shape with an aging team and cap heck. Bill will be voted into the Hall of Fame, IMO, and then the Colts could bring him back in appreciation for what he accomplished here, but definitely later. Not now.

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Definitely needs to be honored in Indy. He took a perennial loser (with the exception of just a couple of seasons) and transformed it into a playoff contender nearly every year.

I don't think they should do it to soon. Then it seems like a consolation prize, like they are taking pity on him. Give it a couple of seasons then bring him in and give him the honor he deserves.

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give it 5 years, no rush on that. but at least do it before he dies, after all, he is getting very old. also, please do not honor his son, he is too young and right now i heard he is jobless with little or no interest drawn from other teams. i don't want to see him honored with his son (nepotism) standing right beside him. no way, no how.

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