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Colts @ Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread

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5 minutes ago, \m/COLTS\m/ said:

I like this Morris kid.

I like him too but the Colts have pretty much said that Tolzien is their back up and the fact that he didn't play much tonight tells me they weren't having them compete for the job.  Also, as I have said before who you play against in the pre-season maters and holding your own against other teams backups will impress the coaches more than owning guys who will be out of football tomorrow.  Also, it would take more than Morris playing great to win that job, Tolzien would have had to lost it and Tolzien didn't do anything to hurt himself tonight. 


The question is will the Colts keep two or three QBs?  Morris has made a major case that they should keep three but will all the injuries allow it? 

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1 minute ago, JlynRN said:

I like both of our back up QBs.  Morris seems so cool under pressure, but they both have their strong points.  Do we keep both? I kind of hope we do.

Does it make sense to put a QB on the practice squad? 


Did you hear the announcers say that being on the practice squad 16 weeks...pays $107,000?

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3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Yeah this has been a fun night. Edwards looked sharp in the 9th. Cubs are going to win it all! I have been a Cubs fan for a long time. Harry would be proud of this team.

Would LOVE to see them do it this year!!!! Harry, Banks, and Santos are smiling down on this team right now!

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Great preseason finale game and  by our Indianapolis Colts!  :thmup:  Our Colts was able to achieve finishing and concluding their 2016 NFL Preseason Schedule at 2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie (if you want to include the cancelled Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game with the Packers).  Stephen Morris' 25-yard touchdown pass to Tevan Smith with over a minuite left in the fourth quarter, made the Colts come behind to defeat the host Cincinnati Bengals 13-10 at Paul Brown Stadium. Morris and Scott Tolzien combined for 31 of 42 passes completed, for 305 passing yards, over the 1-3 Bengals.


Now comes the real schedule beginning in 10 days, as the Colts host the visiting Detroit Lions in both teams opening week matchup on September 11, the 15th year anniversary that forever changed America.


Hope the braintrust  of Chuck Pagano and the Colts coaching staff, General Manager Ryan Grigson, and the Colts scouting and support staff, in earnest, evaluate and decide with much difficulty, the 22 players, the coaching  and player personnel  staff make the cut down to the 53-man regular season roster that will represent the 2016 Indianapolis Colts.


Colts may likely sign between the 7 to 10 players that will make up the team's practice squad.


We wish the Colts in selected the best and talent players that will start to endure the 16-game regular season beginning September 11, and try to improve from their 8-8 record in 2015, and recapture the AFC South Division Title in 2016!   


See you here when the Colts host the Detroit Lions in their season opener at LOS, and GO COLTS!!!!!  :coltslogo:   :)   :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:   :coltshorse:   :coltslogo:

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    • Ballard didn't say it was definite.   He didn't rule it out.   He just said as of this minute.    I think he's hoping to find out in April and May.      He still might end up deciding Eason is OK as the back-up.   I was only trying to impress upon those in the "Throw Jacob Eason in and see what we have" crowd that Ballard has crushed that dream for 2021.    But I wouldn't rule out 2022....  at least not yet.  
    • TY - 2Y/22M - he can still play but he’s not Tyreek Hill taking the top of defenses anymore, and with his disappearing act at the beginning of the year I’m afraid to sign him any longer or with too much guaranteed. Partly for sentimental reasons I want him to stay, but I do think he’s still got some juice.    Mack - 1Y/1M - Likable player but due to his position and injury, no way can I justify giving him much more than vet minimum.    Houston - 1Y/8M - Fell off a lot this year compared to his first year. Still our best edge player, basically by default and I’d be hoping we can get a more 2019 performance out of him at arguably our weakest position on the team.    Autry - Walk. He will price himself out with an inflated sense of value because he’s gotten decent sack numbers, but he is the definition of JAG and I’d only keep him if he agreed to a minimum contract.    Rhodes - 1Y/6M - He was a stud this year. If we could guarantee that he won’t revert back to his last two years in Minnesota I would be willing to go longer and higher. With how much he fell off after getting paid the first time, I’m not giving him a long term deal.    Walker - 1Y/2M - He was playing a very small percentage of downs at the end of the year so I’m keeping him less based on ability and more based on leadership and football savvy.    Hooker - Walk. Both sides need to just move on. I’d keep him at minimum too but I think both sides want a fresh start. Also a little miscast in the current defense so no reason to force a square peg into a round hole.    Brissett - 1Y/5M - Too big of a fan of Brissett as a man to want to see him leave. I don’t want him starting but he’s a very solid backup and compared to the 20M we gave him last year, I can live with his salary being at 1/4 of that this year.    Pascal and MAC both tendered at 2.24M. I want to bring in Kenny Golladay or Allen Robinson and Pascal is JAG so he’s not falling into my future plans much. I’m a big fan of MAC and I wouldn’t mind seeing him play the Jack Doyle role. He’s a better blocker, has better hands, and is more explosive.    I may be lowballing some guys but I’d hate to fall into the trap of overvaluing our guys and keeping them just because you want to keep your own. Unfortunately, I think the five most important positions on the team also coincide with our five weakest positions on the team; QB, WR, CB, DE, and LT. Fortunately we’ve got a good cap situation and this is the perfect year to be needing a QB. 
    • If we let Walker Walk, (and I think it’s likely) it’s not because we want an upgrade.   It’s because we simply don’t play him enough.   I think East Street has the numbers in snaps, but I think Walker is roughly playing 25-30 percent of the snaps.   That’s it.    We can't pay him enough for that.   Some other team will PLAY him more so they will PAY him more.    When Walker is off the field, we are either playing a 4-2-5 or a 4-1-6.   Leonard plays basically 100 percent of the snaps and I think Oke is about 55-60 percent.     There is a method to our madness.  
    • I'm surprised some folks want to resign Walker. Imo we definitely need an upgrade.... I'd let him walk.
    • Colts have won one playoff game in 6 seasons. Some more losing seasons and this team is no longer even in the top half of NFL franchises. They would be mostly irrelevant. I can’t imagine Irsay going for that.   Ballard is definitely safe...but this is year 5 and I am assuming there is a bit more urgency than just waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along.
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