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Colts @ Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread


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Hi, Colts fans!  :)  Our Indianapolis Colts conclude their 2016 preseason schedule, as they travel southeast down Interstate 74 to play their annual preseason game with the Cincinnati Bengals.  Tonight is both the Colts 23rd all-time preseason meeting with the Bengals, and 12th visit in Cincinnati for a scheduled preseason game.


Many players are on the bubble tonight to make the regular season roster, and after tonight's game, all NFL teams must cut at least 22 remaining players to meet the mandatory 53-man regular season roster for the 2016 NFL regular season.


Head Coach Chuck Pagano and his coaching staff, General Manager Ryan Grigson, the Colts pro and scouting departments, and perhaps even Colts owner Jim Irsay and his family, go through the annual and unpleasant decisions in personnel, and retaining the best players by position, that will become the 2016 Indianapolis Colts that take the field on opening Sunday, September 11.


Cincinnati though leads the all-time preseason series over Indianapolis entering tonight with 14 wins and 8 losses. Bengals are also in a three game preseason winning streak over our Colts, outscoring 71-23 in those three games.  Colts last preseason win over the Bengals was four years ago, when Indianapolis defeated Cincinnati by the score of 20-16 back on in the preseason finale back on August 30, 2012.   Highlights in that last preseason win over Cincinnati includes two touchdown runs in the second quarter, from 7 yards by Deji Karim, and 1 yard by Darren Evans, two PAT's by Adam Vinateiri, and a Chandler Harnish 42-yard touchdown pass to Dominique Jones.


Cincinnati may currently lead the preseason series 14-8, but more important for Indianapolis, the Colts lead both the all-time regular season series with 17 wins and 10 losses and 2 postseason series. Colts last two regular wins occured during their 2014 NFL season.  Colts defeated and shutout the Bengals 27-0 at LOS (the building) on October 19, and defeated the Bengals again in the rematch in their AFC Wild Card Playoff Game by the score of 26-7 on January 4, 2015, both games played at Lucas Oil Stadium (the building).


NO injuries, and good luck to all the reserve and free agents that are trying to make the cut with both the Colts and the Bengals. GO COLTS!!!!!     :coltslogo:    :rock:  :1colts:     :colts::coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :)

Colts @ Bengals Preseason Game Trackers:






2016 Indianapolis Colts Current Team Roster And Transaction Tracker:







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25 minutes ago, RockThatBlue said:

I hope for no injuries. We could lose 50-0 but if we come out with 0 serious injuries, that itself is a win.

I agree but we will have the usual 4 or 5 posters that say the season is over if we lose haha. If we lost 100-0 I could care less as long as Luck and nobody else is injured. I doubt if Luck plays anyway. I wouldn't play him.

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2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Of course I will watch but it's still a meaningless game. I hope Morris plays a lot.

Depends on who you are and how closely you watch players. For some of us it's an exciting game because we get too see if a player we want will make the team or not

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Just now, twfish said:

Depends on who you are and how closely you watch players. For some of us it's an exciting game because we get too see if a player we want will make the team or not

Cant argue that. It is important for the players who borderline on making the team. What I meant by meaningless is it doesn't matter if we win or lose. I hope Morris plays well.

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6 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Off topic but Brady looks like dog doo tonight, he just got INT so I guess the Patriots will go 6-10 (sarcasm)

Would b funny if Brady got benched for his replacement like he did to Bledsoe

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-I look for Todman to make a strong case tonight at RB to stick to the roster

-I look Rogers to assert his place on the roster tonight

-I think Maggit gets his first sack tonight while continuing to get some pressure, He had been close a few times

-I'm hoping Swoope makes himself relevant tonight

-I think Ridley has a solid game tonight in limited carries

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Nice first drive. Rather this happen here and make adjustments. It would have been nice to score a touchdown for confidence though. Coffman looks good and may take Swoope's spot since Swoope has only caught balls on plays called directly for him.

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The run game is seriously at the point that I almost dismiss the fumbles anymore on solid runs because of nothing more than the fact that a solid run is extremely rare to see I your a Colt fan. So solid run by Turbin

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8 minutes ago, JlynRN said:


Yes the game is being streamed on fox59 :)


i had fox59 but was getting news.

found a different link.  Have it now.

i'm streaming to my IPAD and mirroring it to the bigscreen tv.

i have SUNDAY TICKET but, for this game, indont wanna wait till 4am(inthink) when its aired.

i get excited for Colts football even when its a "meaningless" 4th preaseason game.

i've got some issues i guess.

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