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Colts Vs. Ravens Preseason Game Night Thread


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Just now, RollerColt said:

Great job by Andrew. He's not forcing throws, and isn't being pressured. From what I've seen, the line has improved so far. Still not amazing, but better.

Lol I'm still waiting on that random deep ball downfield 

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9 minutes ago, \m/COLTS\m/ said:

Read again, I didn't say there was. I said at the first threat. Yes Diaz had him deep that first fight, but the tap came quick. Mcgregor did the same thing the first time he was submitted in his other loss. 


No he didn't. The arm triangle Duffy put on him was extremely deep. 

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2 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

At Least it's football


Princeton won its 1st game last night because of forfeit after their Wood Memorial suspended 70% of their players and did not have enough to field a squad

LOL nice. 

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3 minutes ago, wig said:


No he didn't. The arm triangle Duffy put on him was extremely deep. 

Respectfully disagree. It was a fast submission by Duffy and tap by Mcgregor. Yes it was deep but he tapped awful quick instead of trying to defend it.  You do know you can defend submissions and sometimes get out of them? Just like the Diaz fight, he was getting worked over and gave up his back and tapped as soon as he felt Diaz Lock it up. 


Anyway off topic, back to the Colts. Wish Luck could have gotten a TD. Let's see what these backups can do.

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    • It might be part of the team's procedure for isolating players prior to the game to try to prevent any pre-game Covid exposure.
    • 1. How did you just turn a thread about Pittman's vlog into a thread about how you were "right" about Cam? 2. Your though process on this is nothing short of absurd.   What I can extrapolate from your ramblings is that teams won't tolerate AB's off-field issues despite his on-field performance, so why should the Colts tolerate Pittman having a YouTube channel with his girlfriend when he hasn't proven the same on-field prowess? That makes absolutely no sense.   One is being a locker room cancer and the other is giving fans a glimpse into the life of a NFL rookie. How are they in any way comparable?   Is your issue that instead of filming the videos for his YT channel, he should be working on his craft? Somehow filming 10-15 minutes of his day once or twice a week is detrimental to his on-field performance? Besides a whataboutism, please provide an actual reason you have a problem with Pittman's YouTube channel.
    • It's not just WR that Ballard needs a win. His secondary has been very underwhelming the whole time he's been here and the picks in the secondary have been questionable. I loved the Hooker pick if we played single high, but if Ballard really wanted to play cover-2, that pick was a waste and by refusing his cheap 5th year option he pretty much admitted defeat there. Then Quincy Wilson turned out a horrible pick. Hairston was OK, but let go and no longer with the team. Rock still hasn't shown he can be a long-term stable presence, Khari and Blackmon look promising but again - still question marks there. Pretty much the only position in the secondary that looks secured and stable is a slot corner in Kenny Moore. Now, we do have young players that might improve and turn into a feature of this defense but none of them are surefire long-term starters.    This is another area Ballard needs a win - DE. No idea if Houston will stay past this year and even if he stays at what level he will play, but outside pass-rushers is another area this team needs someone to hit. Ballard has invested tons in it. Basham, Kemoko, Lewis, Banogu ... all day 2 picks. Someone needs to hit! Otherwise we have nothing past this year. The Autry's of the world are nice bargains and stuff but if you want to play Tampa 2, you need quick pressure and not just nice rotational pieces. You need beasts that win fast.   QB, WR, DB, pass-rush... this team is severely lacking long-term solution at multiple incredibly important positions. IMO this is really the reason why we are not winning more even though I do think we have much more talent and better coaching than under the Grigson-Pagano era. Just the most important positions in football are not taken care of on this team. With Grigson-Pagano we had Luck, prime TY not missing games, hell, for a couple of years even Vontae Davis was SO MUCH BETTER than anything we have in the secondary right now... we had a roster bereft of talent past that and horrible coaching and horrible GM, but the positions on the team that bring most value and contribute most to wins were equipped with some elite talent.    I am not blaming Ballard, he's spent the resourses to address most of those positions(and I love how he's handling the draft in general) and some of the players we are waiting on are young and very well might get there, but yeah... at some point we need some of those to hit.
    • I saw the video already.  I have a question though.  Why is Pittman and the team going to a hotel for a home game?  
    • Just win, baby. NFL teams, even the seemingly bad ones, have some of the world's top athletes. No team can be completely counted out. 
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