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Colts Vs. Ravens Preseason Game Night Thread


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Just now, RollerColt said:

Great job by Andrew. He's not forcing throws, and isn't being pressured. From what I've seen, the line has improved so far. Still not amazing, but better.

Lol I'm still waiting on that random deep ball downfield 

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9 minutes ago, \m/COLTS\m/ said:

Read again, I didn't say there was. I said at the first threat. Yes Diaz had him deep that first fight, but the tap came quick. Mcgregor did the same thing the first time he was submitted in his other loss. 


No he didn't. The arm triangle Duffy put on him was extremely deep. 

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2 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

At Least it's football


Princeton won its 1st game last night because of forfeit after their Wood Memorial suspended 70% of their players and did not have enough to field a squad

LOL nice. 

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3 minutes ago, wig said:


No he didn't. The arm triangle Duffy put on him was extremely deep. 

Respectfully disagree. It was a fast submission by Duffy and tap by Mcgregor. Yes it was deep but he tapped awful quick instead of trying to defend it.  You do know you can defend submissions and sometimes get out of them? Just like the Diaz fight, he was getting worked over and gave up his back and tapped as soon as he felt Diaz Lock it up. 


Anyway off topic, back to the Colts. Wish Luck could have gotten a TD. Let's see what these backups can do.

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