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Colts Vs. Ravens Preseason Game Night Thread


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Hi, Colts fans!   :)  Our 2016 Indianapolis Colts are back into the friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium (the building), after barely winning on the road at the Buffalo Bills 19-18 last Saturday.  Colts are hosting the Baltimore Ravens, and both teams are playing their first-ever scheduled preseason game, home or away, between the teams.


Ravens are also coming from their 22-19 win over the Carolina Panthers last Saturday, but the Colts will try to win their second straight preseason game in front of their home fans.


LOS's  retractable roof should be closed to keep everyone and everything dry  for tonight's 7:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff,  because cloudy skies and scattered thunderstorms at 79 degrees, feels like 84 degrees, is the game forecast outside in Downtown Indianapolis, along with 45% precipitation, 77% humidity, and south/southwestern winds at 13 miles per hour.


NO injuries, as both teams continue to try to make through the first major cut from 90 to 75 players, and into the 53-man regular season team roster, and GO COLTS!!!!!    :cheer::coltslogo::cheer::1colts:  :colts::helmet:  :rock:


Colts Vs. Ravens Preseason Game Trackers:






2016 Indianapolis Colts Team Rosters And Transactions Tracker:






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Woohooo looking forward to another great game tonite.  Will be good to see Luck take the field again for the 1st time since last season. Hoping for a good game, no injuries and of course a Win !!!


GOOOO Colts !!!

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It's pouring down rain here! It's safe to say the roof will be closed. I was just downtown yesterday for work and was right by the stadium, pretty cool area. The Colts Pro Shop is right across from the stadium on Capital Street. I didn't buy anything but went in there and looked around. They have a lot of nice Colts stuff.

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    • Oh, I wasn't arguing there is a conspiracy.  I don't believe that.  Just horrible, inconsistent officiating.
    • Except they didn’t call it the same way all game.  Literally the next drive the Packers tackled a Colts defender about to sack Rodgers and no flag.  There were some really bad hold there (the one by Pittman stands out) that you have to flag but most of those were the you can call that every play and officials don’t because this is what happens if you do and no one wants to watch a game like that.   Did the officials miss the face mask?  Yes.  Depending on who you ask they also gave them a huge PI before halftime.  Officials do blow calls I won’t argue that but calling a game on one drive and differently than you did the rest of the game isn’t acceptable.  Yea they were being tight with holding all day but I see the kinds of “holds” the Colts were doing on that drive just about every snap of every game includes this one that arent called.     I also take issue with them not blowing the incomplete pass by Rivers dead on the field and letting it get to replay.  I know they are told to do that on close plays but that wasn’t close and you shouldn’t depend on replay for obvious calls like that.  I’ve seen too many odd things happen in replay where they start looking at it like well can we see it the other way rather than go with obvious call,  see the “fumble” in the Ravens game for example.     This crew was bad.  Do I think they were out to get the Colts?  No.  Do I think they had a bad day at the office no different from when players have a bad day?  Yes.
    • Keep Stewart, Rhodes, and Carrie because this CB depth is shaky as hell. Maybe keep Houston but the Colts should be drafting 2 edge rushers in the draft IMO. One in the 1st and then get one in the 2nd too. Edge is going to be really deep next year. Man if we could somehow get Patrick Jones and Carlos Basham that would be ideal. Or even Hutchinson should drop since he got injured.
    • Was anyone else annoyed by the Packers fans and the amount of Packers fans that were at the game yesterday?  It was ridiculous!  The "Go Pack Go!" chants were loud the whole game.  There were definitely more Packers fans than Colts fans at the game.  Makes me sick!  Only good part was getting to run my mouth afterwards.  Stupid Packers fans.
    • So, we're saying we make excellent adjustments at the half, and the other team doubts we will, so they change nothing? We're better at anticipating their next move, then they are tricking us with their next move? Has everyone we've played, so far, made no halftime adjustments?
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