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Indianapolis Colts
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    • When we get Oladipo back, we will be tough to beat if he is old Oladipo. The Pacers have a solid roster.
    • We all know that Ballard has never gone after an elite WR in FA.  This year the only WR that would be considered elite is Cooper.  Today, here in Western NY, listening to a Bills radio show the reporters were talking Cooper up as a target for Josh Allen next year IF he hits FA.  The Bills have never been timid about spending in FA.  So if he hits FA he is going to get some big offers.  If he does hit FA he is the type of WR I could see Ballard finally going after and spending some of his cap.  He knows it's a big need and getting an elite young playmaker like Cooper might finally get Ballard to go all in and fill a big hole right away. 
    • 1. The Celtics are not trading us Jaylen Brown for Myles Turner.   2. You just need to give up on the "breakout" season for Myles. He's not going to average 15 PPG in this system unless he is taking 9 3's a game like KAT is.    The other 4 players in the starting lineup are all averaging 17 PPG or more this season. There is only one ball. Myles Turner is not getting the touches and shots necessary to average 15.    Goga is a complete liability on defense right now. We should not be relying on him in any regard until he learns how to defend without fouling.       If Myles Turner played in this game, he would be contesting all these shots and making it a lot more difficult on Harden. Sabonis just cannot provide that defense and Goga can shot block, but he gives up too many fouls.    Myles never has high rebounding numbers because he constantly has to protect against other players on the team getting beat and meeting guys at the rim. The rest of the team is there to rebound the ball.     I'm not even thinking about trading Myles until/unless Goga improves to a place where he can be impactful while playing 20-25 minutes.    
    • Following up on this:   So by claiming someone who is waived, his exclusive rights carry with it?    I'm just trying to figure out how he came to the 49ers first, then was waived by them.  It seems like they were simply renting him until Gould came back, which I would think would reflect a player being signed off of the street.  Does he have tenure, so to speak, and was with another club before SF?   Still not sure how his "tenured" rights move to the Colts, but I like it.
    • My point is that this has been going on all year. It's not like the TN game was some red flag out of nowhere.   However, today's news makes it seem like AV is actually hurt. So this move might be more prompted by his status than I originally thought. Still, interesting coincidence that McLaughlin is available now... 
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