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Welcome back, Colts fans!  :)  Field conditions certainly should not be an issue tonight as our Indianapolis Colts are in Orchard Park in Western New York state to play the Buffalo Bills in their scheduled second preseason game, but the first real preseason game where all the players and coaches should see and play in game action tonight.  


Though the Colts were prepared to be game ready last Sunday Night to play in the annual Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game last Sunday Night in Canton, Ohio, both the Colts and Packers fortunately by  the priority and concern of player safety, did not play the actual HOF game because of the field conditions at Canton.  Perhaps  the extra week may be a blessing in disguise, as all the players, should be more rested, even anxious, to showcase their talents to the coaches and fans, as they start to earn themselves into the 53-man team roster for the upcoming 16-game regular season.


Retaining both General Manager Ryan Grigson, and Head Coach Chuck Pagano was pivotal and the key factors in the off-season to continue rebuilding and staffing the players for the Colts 2016 team that will try to regain and earn back the AFC South Division title.  Colts finished their 2015 NFL season with an 8-8 record, but with a second place finish in the AFC South, and out of the NFL postseason.


Veteran QB Andrew Luck should be healthy to play  this year, but h, like the rest of the first-string and starting players, are expected to play in limited offensive and defensive series during the preseason, and likely to play most of their game action when the games really count and matter during the Colts 2016 NFL regular season.


Indianapolis though finished their 2015 NFL Preseason with a 1-3 record, their only win a 24-14 road win at the St. Louis Rams back on August 29.


Both Indianapolis and Buffalo played their recent  preseason game and meeting at Lucas Oil Stadium (the building), where the visiting Bills spolied the Colts preseason opener by winning 44-24 back on August 11, 2013.  Buffalo Bills though played their last 'home' game with Indianapolis at a neutral site, winning 34-21 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, played on August 19, 2010.


Colts 2016 NFL Draft Class are expected to play in their first NFL game in Buffalo tonight, featuring and including Center Ryan Kelly from Alabama, T.J.Green, Le'Raven Clark, Hassan Ridgeway, Antonio Morrision, Joe Haeg, Trevor Bates,  and Austin Blythe.


Veteran Colts players who resigned to play this year in the past 2016 NFL off-season includes  Dwayne Allen, Akeem Davis, Jack Doyle, and. Adam Vinatieri.


Colts players who played in 2015, but moved on to play for other teams for the upcoming 2016 NFL season through free agency,  includes Colt Anderson and Dan Herron to Buffalo, Coby Fleener to New Orleans, Jerrell Freeman to Chicago, Dwight Lowery to San Diego, and Billy Winn to Denver.    QB Matt Hasselback also retired, while Ahmad Bradshaw and Charlie Whitehurst have yet to sign with another NFL team.


Indiana Hoosiers broadcaster Don Fischer, and former Northwestern, college and NFL player and coach Rick Venturi, are announcing the live TV game commentary for all Colts preseason games in 2016, on flagship station WXIN FOX Channel 59 in Indianapolis, and the Colts Preseason Television Network.  Tonight's Colts @ Bills preseason game is also scheduled to be replayed on The NFL Network later tonight, and in the coming week.


Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts' and former Colts QB Jim Sorgi, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Matt Taylor,are also announcing the live radio game play-by-play and analysis for the Colts 2016 season on simulcast on Colts flagship stations WFNI ESPN Radio 1070AM and 107.5FM,, WHLK Country 97.1FM, and the Colts Radio Network.


Scattered thunderstorms and partly cloudy skies at 78 degrees, feels like 83 degrees,  is the game forecast inside Ralph Wilson Stadium near Buffalo, for the 4:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 55% humidity, 82% precipitation, and southwestern winds at 16 miles per hour.


Colts players are wearing their white helmets and pants and blue jerseys, while the host Bills players are wearing their white helmets, jerseys, and pants on the playing field.


NO injuries to both our Colts and the Bills players, and we wish them all great luck, they impress their coaching staffs, and make through the player cuts throughout 2016 NFL preseason schedule this summer. GO COLTS!!!!!  :)  :coltslogo:   :1colts:  :colts:  :coltslogo:  :rock:


Colts @ Bills Preseason Live Game Trackers:






2016 Indianapolis Colts Roster And Player Transactions:








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9 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:


can the game be streamed from the colts radio station (legal of course)

i have DTV and sunday ticket so i'll have it at 7:30!am but where can inlisten tonight?

I believe the local radio stations that might carry it are 1070 A.M (the fan) 97.1 hank fm carries regular season games and believe they do pre season as well and I think 93.1. 1070 and hank fm are on I heart radio. Good luck

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3 minutes ago, twfish said:

I believe the local radio stations that might carry it are 1070 A.M (the fan) 97.1 hank fm carries regular season games and believe they do pre season as well and I think 93.1. 1070 and hank fm are on I heart radio. Good luck

Trying to connect on my phone.  Should i get it now (talking or music) or only once game starts?  I get dead air when it connects

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32 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:

Trying to connect on my phone.  Should i get it now (talking or music) or only once game starts?  I get dead air when it connects

Which station are you trying? 1070 is a sports talk radio and 97.1 is a country music station that changes close to game time

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    • I'd actually like to see us sign Winston to back up Rivers next year.  He will be cheap, he's young, and he certainly has potential.  I am not in love with him, but the talent is there, and I would sign him for a couple, few years to back up PR and then possibly take over after next season.     Signing Winston should not interere with anything else you do.  You can still develop Eason.  You could draft another guy, but then I would assume you are not considering Eason if you do that.
    • Erm. maybe in so much that they are both immobile QB's who spread the ball around, but that Rivers throwing motion is reminiscent of no one but Rivers. He could be playing in a plain jersey among 31 other QBs on a field and i could tell you who Rivers was just by looking at his arm.
    • I wouldn't put Campbell anywhere near Hooker at this time.  He was drafted later.   He's been injured with legitimate injuries.  It's hard to blame the GM for that when he didn't have a history of injuries in his past.  Now if Ballard would have taken Metcalf (I wish he would have), who had a neck fracture that ended his college career, and Metcalf would have missed much of 2 seasons with neck issues, it could be placed on the GM for that choice. 
    • OK but there are quite a few convolutions there to get to what seems to be a pretty clear point.  And I guess yeah if this were a debate club, we would need to take each indidual possibility but that is a little tedious to do all at once.   Dan as do I think that we will be better off with Rivers next year than not having Rivers.  One of the pieces I would cite would be the fact that we are 7-3, have navigated the last 3 weeks well, and Rivers seems to be playing at a high level.   So for instance I will argue specifically against Prescott.  He is a guy that IMO would put us squarely on the road to medicrity similar to what has happened in Dallas.  I think it would be worse here because he would command more of the team's resources as far as salary goes compared to what he now does in Dallas, which would mean less money for talent elsewhere.  He has done nothing speical in Dallas and seems to pad a lot of the gaudy numbers in bad losses.   I would say about the same for Deshauwn Watson.  He is younger, but the eye test tells me that his teams have been pretty mediocre with quite a bit of talent.     I don't think either one of these guys would be an upgrade next year, necessarily over Rivers, and I think it would be a huge gamble with the the committment you would have to make with these guys.  You would hamstring your org for years with their salaries if they didn't work out.   What other possibilities do you see out there JP for us to compete NEXT YEAR?
    • People said the same thing when we drafted Leonard. You won't hear them bragging to their buddies about how right they got that evaluation any time soon! Echoing what a few above have already said... Malik who?
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