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Where would you rank him among LTs in the league? 


He did have kind of a down year last year but got better as the year went on.


Would you consider him a top 5 or top 10 LT when at his best? Lets hope he has a bounce back year as he is huge for protecting Luck.

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When's he's not injured and playing his best he's really really close to being top 5 if not number 5. He is very underrated by the media and fans. He had a pro bowl performance 2 years ago and injuries played a big part last year hopefully he can bounce back and tip the scale and be seen as a top 5

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 Castonzo had good stats 2 seasons ago but was still very middling all-around.
 His best ranking before that season was 17th. Bad pass blocker, vg run blocker supposedly in That season.

 Well he isn`t That good of a run blocker so far, and he will Always be a Really tall/ slightly stiff, without
 good foot quickness athlete. Yes an excellent competitor that plays Hard every down every week!
  We will see if he Becomes a more effective player in these Highly Paid seasons to come. Maybe he will!
  If he doesn`t improve, he will remain a middling player that ranks in the 12-18 range from one season to the next.

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Having a better coach & better O-lineman around him will improve his game & motivate him . Its like chess IMHO its hard to give your best when those you play with sucks it gets boring & mistakes happen easily with the upgrades all around him he will step up this year as a devoted Colts fan this is what I'v been waiting for a o-line that can protect the franchise so 12 can show us he's better than 18 & prove it on the field his early years were better & this season he will step out of the shadows & be the QB that I know he is theres a new sheriff in this town he's been ignored by the 18 lovers long enough its his turn to shine buckle up boys & girls this is gonna be AWESOME ..

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11 hours ago, AndyColt said:

I think with the new Ol coach Joe philbin teaching him he can help Anthony take his game to a new level.....I think we will see his best games this year and the following years to come....  

Couldn't agree more.

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