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These Are The Best Coaches They Can Find?

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At one point Bill Cowher was just a simple DC coming out of Kansas City. At one point Tony Dungy was just a simple DC coming out of Minnesota. At one point Jon Gruden was just a simple OC coming out of Philadelphia. All of those big names people are wanting weren't big names at one time. We might end up with a college coach, we might end up with a coach getting his 2nd chance as HC in the NFL. We might get one that gets his first shot at HC. Each scenario is littered with examples of success & failure. It's about finding the right guy at the right time. Hopefully we will.


You couldn't have said it better.

Or maybe I should say, I couldn't have said it better!

The best man for the job is out there and he could fall into any of those categories. Let's just hope we recognize him.

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The Patriots have always had it over us because I will say IMHO they always had a better coach then us. I would like to come close to them.

2011 Pats win

2010 Pats win

2009 Colts win (and what a win it was!)

2008 Colts win

2007 Pats win

2006 Colts win 2

2005 Colts win

2004 Pats win 2

2003 Pats win 2

2002 did not play

Pats are 7-5 over the Colts over the past 10 years. Just sayin.

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Let us have a little faith in the Colts front office. It was realized the Polians had done all they could here and were released. It was (finally) realized that Caldwell could not coach (and yes I realize he was a nice guy, but so is my uncle and he can't coach either) and was released of his duties. The front office is doing everything to get the Colts winning again and I believe in the front office that they will get a coach who will have the ability to lead us to wins. Go Colts!!

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A lot of the big name coaches want too much authority. That's not how most good organizations run. We don't want that. Also, Let's find the next Mike Tomlin rather than go for a retread.

I think Tomlin is coming back to earth really quickly now... The Steelers are not the "STEELERS" any longer. THey are a passing team with an aging D. The next few seasons will define Tomlin. Cowher establiished and Identity in Pitt. and that identity is long gone.

He like Caldwell got handed the keys to a Cadillac (and Dick LeBeau). Lets see what he does from here on out. BTW, I do think Tomlin is a good coach. But how much is the DC and OC (who just retired)... ????

Just think... Had Manning played this season we would still have the Polians and Caldwell.

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