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What good linebackers are still left?


 Perry - Ohio State   4th

 Campbell - Minnesota 5th

 McCalister - Florida  4th

 Nicholas - Virginia Tech 5th

Okwara - 5th Notre Dame

McCord - 7th Miami



Northrup FSU 7th

Smith   FSU 7th

Kirby  Miami 7th


Couple D- line

Nile Lawerence Stample  FSU 6th

DJ Reader Clemson    6th














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2 minutes ago, krunk said:

I think Deion Jones is still available also, and at the Dime Linebacker I do believe Miles Killebrew who I like

Jones is gone to ATL in the 2nd. Killebrew is there so is Houston-Carson, Miller and CB LeShaun Sims. Sims is worth a look IMO. 


I would add small school edge prospects Perkins, Brown, Cowser. Ochi, Holmes, and Judon to the OLB list.


Walker and Rhodes to ILB. . 



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Matt Judon and Tyrone Holmes are my dream OLBs tomorrow. Tapper might be good too. James Cowser? Alex McCalister? Ronald Blair would probably be DE in our scheme...

1 hour ago, krunk said:

I think Deion Jones is still available also, and at the Dime Linebacker I do believe Miles Killebrew who I like

Jones was taken by the Falcons in the second.

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All of the above players are good candidates for 4th and 5th rounders, IMO.


Cole, and Walden are going to start, with Mathis getting first opportunity at obvious passing situations.  Roster wise, it never really made much sense to use a high pick on a OLB, because somebody who is being paid a lot of money or drafted high would have to spend a lot of time on the bench.  It makes more sense to get some EDGE and SAMs later and have them rotate in and be productive at the stuff they did in college before they develop a more well rounded game.

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I like how we lined up those 2 7th round picks because we can assure ourselves at least two talented small school pass rushers there if need be or at least a nice running back. WR is possible too.

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1 hour ago, OHColtfan said:

We need OLB, have absolutely no depth. Have plenty of ILB's with the addition of Morrison, but really lacking even basic depth at our OLB position


Worst case scenario, we bring Werner and Newsome back.

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