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Indianapolis Colts
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    • We could be 11-2 if our kicking game didn't lose at least 5 games for us this year.... I think Luck is a better QB than Brissett, but I think Brissett has kept us in every game he has played, and has given us a good chance at winning all but 1 game.  Vinatieri is the GOAT in terms of kickers, maybe he was hurt all year, or maybe he should've hung up the cleats... but he lost us several games this year.  The new guy missed one yesterday and we lost by 3.       I don't think he's getting fired after next year.  He inherited a very poor team and we have gotten much better with almost a complete roster overhaul.     I don't think Luck 'screwed the team over.'  He obviously had a worse injury than the media was reporting.  He's already had a lacerated kidney, nearly had a shoulder injury end his career, and who knows what other kinds of injuries.   As I stated above, Brissett has played well enough to give us a shot to win all but 1 game.  He can't control our kickers missing FGs and extra-points.  He's had a good season overall.  He rarely turns the ball over and he is doing well, especially considering TY's been out, Parris Campbell has missed significant time, Funchess has missed basically the whole season, Ebron is now out (and had a lot of drops), etc. etc...  if you look at it, our #1 WR right now is a 2nd year guy who was undrafted (Pascal).  
    • Three Flight?    That's not what the post says...   The name is one I'm not familiar with.....     Island echo.       First post of his I've ever seen.    Do you think this is Three Flight?  
    • That is ThreeFlight at his finest.  
    • I agree with some of the points the OP has made, but not all. CB has improved our OL immensely through the draft, also drafted some good players on defense,  struckout on the WR's, and signing proven FA's.  I've been preaching all season to open up the pocketbook and sign, and pay some playmakers that can give us a fighting chance, instead we sign Hoyer for $12 mil. give JB a $20 mil. extension,  like somehow, after watching his play this season, is somehow going to become a legit NFL starting QB?       Not calling for his head like some members in here, but not crowning him as some members in here are.  
    • Philly pulled it out in OT and Wentz didn't have one completion in the air of more than 10 yards. He dinked and dunked it down the field. Much like JB and over half the QB's do on most drives. I really don't think JB is much different than most of these QB's out here. Like I said earlier you only have about 4 or 5 QB's that are consistent = franchise QB's for sure that standout. The rest are inconsistent. Like Watson yesterday vs Denver at home. He stunk. Luck was a franchise QB but he retired. 
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