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    • Coaching certainly helps as well so let's not excuse Belichick as if he's garbage.   He took a Bradyless team with Cassel and led them to 11-5.   Patriots biggest issue to me besides losing Brady was several starters opting out at the beginning of the year due to covid.   I don't their record would be much different especially since I think Cam best days are behind him.   He could just tank for Lawrence but Jets seem dead set on that notion right now.
    • Yep, it's a MONSTROUS game for the Colts' playoff hopes.     It'll likely come down to the Colts, CLE and LV with 2 of them getting the #6 and #7 seeds.     If CLE beats LV this weekend, barring some crazy occurrences (critical injuries, etc.), they're probably    a lock. They'll have the tiebreaker over both and with their schedule, they'll likely get to 10 wins   anyway.     The Colts need to head into week-13 at 7-4. To do that, they need to win 3 of the next 5. Do that    and beat HOU and JACK at home and you're at 9 wins. That may be enough, but sweep HOU and    you're at 10 wins and it's a given.         But lose @ DET and winning 3 of the next 5 gets VERY tough.  At 6-5 heading into wk-13, it's a     tougher climb to get to 9 wins and 10 is probably a long shot.        
    • Let me start off by saying I support Chris Ballard and his approach thus far.   Ballard's philosophy has often been seen as quantity over quality. He's dealt with this 2x now in past drafts and has shown pretty good success.    I'm not sure the exact # yet but I believe 80% or more of Ballard's draftees are still active.    That stat alone is the main reason even with the trade downs each year that I support him.   His slow methodical approach on building the Colts is certainly trending in the right direction right now but I am really hoping he takes the next step with solving the QB crisis in 21'.   What are your thoughts on Ballard? Do you like him? Do you hate him? What do you wanna see different from him?  
    • Yep, Look at what Reich did when he had Luck. He went 10-6 and won a playoff game with an ok roster but Luck made a world of difference. With JB it was 7-9. I think we can go 10-6 with Rivers but our schedule gets tougher after Detroit. 9-7 at worse I see.
    • It's a shame the Colt s don't have the Atlanta falcons on their schedule this year. We are just the sort of team equipped to beat them. All we have to do is let them get a lead hold it going into the fourth quarter and bam game over!
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