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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Way too much time before draft day for me to even speculate who I like. Lots of college games and a combine to look at. 
    • This is all a real stretch.  You cannot count Fountain he didn't make it out of training camp and he may have had the same type of impact as Cain.  Ebron is not a WR and you can't blame JBs poor deep throw QB rating on his injury because he has missed one game in these stats.   Same thing with Rogers... he's been there all season and just got hurt a few days ago, his injury is not why JB struggles with the deep pass.  Lastly with TY and Campbell, JB has not had great deep passing when they have played but it would be interesting to do a comparison of JB's 20 yard QB rating with TY and without.  I would guess it's not that different.   So, in conclusion.  JBs poor rating over 20 yards can't be blamed on the loss of the top 6 WRs or pass catchers (if you want to now change the term), because they have not been missing the entire year and there hasn't been a huge drop off after some got injured.    
    • Might have to slow the roll on the Jordan "love."    I wouldn't be surprised if he did in fact end up at Texas Tech. Makes a lot of sense...especially if he is getting intel that he might end up late 1st-2nd round. A season at TT, with better talent around him...could put him in the top 5 with Lawrence and Fields.
    • I think they have a qualifying cut off...probably snaps or attempts...so in theory...you could have upwards of 40 QBs ranked...depending on what it is.   I am not the biggest fan of PFF either...but they seem to be using criteria here that would rank JB low. Rather that's the correct way to do it (or if any of their ways)...is a debate for another day...haha.
    • This one is obviously making its rounds among Titans' fans, obviously:     Did this happen often enough in the Colts game vs the Titans? I haven't watched the All 22, so if anyone can give their thoughts, it would be appreciated.  
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