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I'm kinda liking the Idea of grabbing an Alexander or maybe even Jackson III in the first and shore up our pass coverage. If we can't get a great Edge Rusher in the first... get another guy to put opposite of Vontae to lock people down. 

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I like the idea of D in the first round

Darron Lee, OLB- Just seems like the kind of playmaker we are looking for, not fully sure where would be his best position for us, but watched several games last year and he was just all over the place making tackles


Eli Apple/Mackenzie Alexander- would like to have a good CB2 and future CB1


whatever Edge rusher falls to us- Lawson, Dodd, Correa


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10 hours ago, DougDew said:

II agree.  If OP gets Martin in round 2, then I'd go best defensive player on the board in round 3.  Considering the changes made at offensive coordinator, OL coach, and ZBS blocking scheme, I'd be satisfied with upgrading only one of the C/G positions, preferably C, and get back to focusing on defense the remainder of the draft.

I am all for a draft that is focused on D. In order to do that  I think we have to fix the C position above all else on the OL. I'm not sure how anyone can look back over the last 3 years and think otherwise. If we can bring in a FA C I would love grabbing a OG day 3 and going D everywhere else.


The new OL coach and OC might get Thorton turned around. A real C next to him would really help too. I have always thought the talent was there. He just hasn't been able to put it together. I could see Thorton turning his career around somewhere else. The side show we have had at C and RT to a degree could not have helped his development. If we roll with Thorton again we need a solid plan B. 


The G's are all over the place in mocks. I would use a pick from next year to move to the top of the round. If the right guy is there. We will have comp picks next year. Dahl, Kirkland and Ochiambo will  be there. Shell played OT at South Carolina would kick in to G will be there . We already shown interest in him. Who knows who slips out of the 3rd. 


I don't think anything can help our current C's, I don't think either have the leadership qualities we need at the position. Holmes is not strong enough to mentally or physically. Harrison plenty strong should try G. He doesn't seem to have it between the ears to play C.


I think it's going to be tough to fix the interior of the OL and  ultimately the OL without any veteran leadership inside ideally C.  I think that's what been missing. We want our young guys to learn from Lance Louis?


I believe signing a veteran C who has had success as a starter would help a lot. The C is the natural leader of the OL. We are young on the interior. The guys we have now Harrison 24 Holmes 26. Thornton 24, Mewhort 24 Heenan 26 and O'Brien 25. Louis 30 has been the vet presence

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On March 12, 2016 at 10:36 PM, NewColtsFan said:


Yeah....    I wouldn't rule that out.   The Colts took Jonathan Newsome about a full round higher than projections, and as we all know,  it only takes one team to fall in love with you.    And McCalister clearly has traits to love.   But he's also got some Red Flags to him,  and that may hold teams back.


I'm not ruling out that he could go higher than these websites grade for him.  But I believe it was your comment that he'd be gone by the end of the 3rd round.   I'm just trying to point out that that view is not very likely.     It might be possible,  but it's not very likely.



It wasn't me who put him in the 3rd, but to be fair I think I mocked him to us in the 4th once. Given his red flags I think Grigson is less likely to draft him before round 4 - 5 range at the earliest. 

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