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Titans Tunsil OT 

Browns Wentz QB 

Chargers Stanley OT 

Cowboys Bosa DL 

Jaguars Ramsey CB 

Ravens Buckner DL 

49ers Goff QB 

Eagles Elliott RB 

Buccaneers Conklin OT 

Giants Lawson EDGE 

Bears Hargreaves CB 

Saints Robinson DL 

Dolphins Alexander CB 

Raiders Apple CB

Rams Treadwell WR 

Lions Coleman WR 

Falcons Ragland LB 

Colts Jackson III CB

Bills Dodd DL 

Jets Floyd LB 

Redskins Ogbah DL 

Texans Lee LB 

Vikings Doctson WR 

Bengals Reed DL 

Steelers Decker OT 

Seahawks Whitehair OG 

Packers Rankins DL 

Chiefs Thomas WR 

Cardinals Kelly C 

Panthers Spriggs OT 

Broncos Cook QB 


Colts select Houston CB William Jackson III 


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I'm warming up to Jackson as well. I think he could make a lot of plays opposite Vontae. (Eventually, all rookie CB's take their lumps). Jackson or Darren Lee is who I am thinking now. I see Billings is not in the first round of this draft?

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13 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

Steelers met with Decker recently I think that's most likely where he ends up if he falls that far


I think Decker would fit here, but we don't seem to be doing much in FA this time around .

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For me, I'd have it between Spence, Kelly, and Jackson III under when faced with those choices.  I think I'd be fairly indifferent between the three...

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I love William Jackson. I think he's gonna be a star corner. But I think we have to go pass rusher with the situation we're putting ourselves in. If we'd be smart and sign Junior Galette then yeah William Jackson would be awesome.

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I think you guys are pushing this "desperate need for a number 2 CB" thing too far. I mean I like Jackson too but #18 is way to high for him. That's a reach if I've ever seen him.


Not saying Jackson is him but, the last time a CB from Houston ran a good time and shot up draft boards, he got taken in the first and it didn't work out.

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    • Watson has never came close to throwing 40 TD's in a season, he had 33 this past season which was his best by far. Luck had 40 in 2014 and 39 in 2018. Not that the TD stat is everything but just pointing that out. Also Luck went into Houston during the 2018 playoffs when Watson had a fully loaded team and Luck spanked them on his hometurf. Luck was better so we will have to agree to disagree 
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    • I know you believe it is accurate.   You wouldn’t have posted it otherwise.   I’d explain the other point of view but someone would come along accusing me of trying to get everyone to think as I do.   Nothing could be further from the truth, a difference of opinion is what makes the world go around.    I’d simply say this...  our difference of opinion is the gap of the Grand Canyon.    It’s not a small difference, it’s a gigantic difference.   So I’m fine with you believing what you do.  There are others here who share the same opinion as you, so you’re not alone.    So keep being Brash and Bold.  You do you.   Good luck!     
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