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Moncrief Hurt?! Updated: Turf Toe


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    • Your hatred towards Wentz is blinding the obvious. Jacoby Started two seasons here and Carson Almost had more touchdowns in 1 season than Jacoby had with two seasons together. 
    • Agree with this. There isnt an easy answer.   We’ll see what happens. I dont expect any Colt QB in my lifetime living up to the Manning years.    When we had Manning, we didnt realize what the teams WITHOUT a Manning, Brady, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Rogers, etc went thru year after year.  And that they virtually had no chance in going very far in playoffs even if they got in.   There just aren't many of “those” guys out there to begin with.   I was very optimistic early in the season about this roster, now i’m just confused and overthinking it all.
    • I think a lot of fans are going to be upset when we don’t make the big changes that people are expecting. I don’t think we even need to make any big changes. Grab an edge and a WR somewhere. Maybe draft a corner and tight end and let’s roll.
    • Why are some people so intent on getting rid of Nelson??  Arguably the best player on the offense.  We do that, and the Colts will be the laughingstock of the entire sports world. 
    • So tired of this every offseason. It’s time for ballard to make the most important decision of his colts GM tenure. Find us a QB! I don’t care that luck retired and you got dealt a bad hand. It’s time to figure it out. 
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