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You know when Steve Mariucci is interviewing those QB's? What happens when...

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What happens when a QB has a brain fart and literally has no clue what the play-call on the whiteboard is? I notice in all the videos, the QB ALWAYS seems to remember the play-call perfectly! It makes me wonder if it's either:

a.) Rehearsed to make the QB look good.
b.) If the QB does poorly, Goodell burns the video.

Now obviously, the QB's predict this test is coming, because Mooch does it e-v-e-r-y time, but for me, personally, even if I knew it was coming, I would struggle. I do recall on one QB about two years ago, he did have a slight slip, but then recovered and recounted the entire play, but that's the only minor mistake I've seen. I wish we could go back in time and do this white board test on Vince Young and see if that Wonderlic score of six would make for some funny bloopers.

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