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Arians on the Lack of Quality O-lineman in the Draft

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Here's another passage quoting Arians,  this about how most o-lineman coming out of college are just not NFL ready....



A common theme the past two days was the troubling trend that young offensive linemen just aren’t NFL-ready as they leave school. The proliferation of spread offenses has made the gap between pro and college football wider than it’s ever been when it comes to fundamentals, and NFL coaches have to deal with it at every turn.

“The hardest thing, so many of those guys never get in a three-point stance,” Bruce Arians said. “You’re drafting a guy right now coming out of some colleges that haven’t been in a three-point stance since high school, and you’re going to pay him a ton of money. You have to teach him to get in a three-point stance and run block. It’s fundamentals that we’re going back now and have to teach. We never had to teach it before. Great athletes. The athletes are much, much better, but the fundamentals are worse than they’ve ever been.”


One other note....   the article goes on to say that last year's 1st round pick for the Cardinals, DJ Humphries didn't even suit up for a single game last year, and that was very much by design.    He simply wasn't ready and they weren't going to throw him in early...


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  • It seems the spread offense is making most players too raw to be NFL ready.  It seems the only positions many a player can step in and make an impact is running back or wide receiver.  A QB from a school that runs a pro set might qualify if talented enough. There will always be a special talent that defies the odds at many positions (Aaron Donald, Tyrann Mathieu, etc...) but by and large they are not NFL ready.  And the 2011 CBA limits the coaching opportunities and number of padded practices players get during the year.  Those that get injured or otherwise miss OTA's/Training camp get way behind the eight ball.  We need to keep drafting at positions where we need to develop players as the opportunity occurs.  And draft game changers no matter the position as they fall to us.
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