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Arians on QB Play.....

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What's the most important quality for a QB?      Arm strength?     Size?     Mechanics?


None of those,  says Bruce Arians......      I'll cut and paste a quote from him from today's addition of the MMQB.....



Arians said that in evaluating quarterbacks, he tends to focus less on the arm strength, mechanics and several other factors that scouts and experts tend to obsess over this time of year.  “To me, the quarterback position is just about one thing: that’s processing information really fast,” Arians says.  “If you can process it, I don’t care how weak your arm is or how strong your arm is, you’ll get the ball to the receiver at the right spot, the right time.  If you can’t process the information and you’re going to wait to see him open, you’re going to throw a lot of interceptions.”

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