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D'Qwell Jackson 5.5
Trent Cole 6.125
Darius Butler 2.5
Erik Walden 4
Andre Johnson 5


Brings us to 46.1M...I'd also like to see Art Jones restructure his deal but I'm not sure how that would work or how much it would save. If he
has another IR year he gets cut next year. I'd like to see him get some reps at NT too.



Jerrell Freeman 3Y/20M
Adam Vinatieri 2Y/5M
Coby Fleener 2Y/14M
Dwayne Allen 1Y/4M
Dwight Lowery 1Y/.885M
Josh Thomas 1Y/.760M
Boom Herron 1Y/.675M
Earl Okine 1Y/.525M
Trey Williams 1Y/.525M

They need to extend Luck as well obviously, but I'm lazy so I'll leave his cap hit at 16M.

Puts us at about 27M


Free Agency

Casey Hayward CB - Originally wanted Trumaine Johnson, but it looks like he'll get transition tagged. Hayward is one of the best slot corners,
and is not out of his depth on the outside. I'd have him play base downs outside and move to the slot in nickel. I can't imagine he'll get more
than 8M per year, so I'd sign him long term and put him down as a 7M cap hit for 2016.


Aldon Smith OLB - Hoping that he can get back to his Niner form without resorting to his Niner behavior. I believe he was on pretty good
behavior in Oakland. He can be had on the cheap, 2.5M cap hit.


Stefen Wisniewski C - I sure as hell hope we don't sign Alex Mack to an 8 figure per year contract. Center is one of the least important
positions on the team, but Holmes/Harrison are too inept to be our starters next year. Wisniewski wouldn't be very expensive, 2M cap hit.


Michael Harris OG - Should start over Hugh Thornton and will be pretty cheap. Has experience at tackle as well, 1M cap hit.


Brian Quick WR - Gotta keep that one year FA WR tradition going. Need bodies anyway, 1M cap hit.


Rhett Ellison TE/FB - Play the Jack Doyle role and should be better at it, .760M.

Puts us at 15.7M to sign the draft picks, work on Luck's extension, and roll into next year.



1. Myles Jack LB - UCLA - Backups: Noah Spence OLB, Jaylon Smith LB
2. Chris Jones DL - Mississippi State - Backups: Andrew Billings NT, Cody Whitehair OG, Karl Joseph FS
3. William Jackson CB - Houston - Backups: Dominique Alexander LB, Scooby Wright LB
4. Joe Schobert OLB - Wisconsin - Backup: Maurice Canady CB
5. Tajae Sharpe WR - UMass
6. Darion Griswold TE - Arkansas State
7. Joe Thuney OL - NC State



2016 Roster

QB - Luck, Freeman

RB - Gore, Varga, Herron, Williams

WR - Hilton, Moncrief, Dorsett, Quick, Tajae Sharpe

TE - Fleener, Allen, Ellison, Darion Griswold

OT - Castonzo, Reitz, Good

OG - Mewhort, Michael Harris, Thornton, Joe Thuney

C - Stefen Wisniewski, Holmes


DT - Anderson, Kerr, McGill

DE - Langford, Chris Jones, Okine

NT - Parry, Art Jones

OLB - Mathis, Aldon Smith, Joe Schobert, Werner (Yes I'm keeping him over Walden, they're the same player but Werner is cheaper)

MLB - Freeman, Myles Jack, Irving, Moore, McNary

CB - Davis, Casey Hayward, William Jackson, D'Joun Smith, Josh Thomas

SS - Geathers, Lowery

FS - Adams, Guy

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#1 Center is not one of the least important positions. They are the leaders of the offensive line making line calls, and protection changes. Plus helping anchor the interior offensive line to allow the QB to step up and make a throw. Having Harrison and Holmes play C for us should show you how important C really is.


2. I am not a fan of Wisnewski just a personal opinion. He was good in Oakland, but the injury he sustained was a long term injury, and I think you could see it in his play in Jacksonville. He was not even close to as good as he was in Oakland.


3. I am a fan of Hayward, but with him not having a lot of experience playing outside I think it would be a mistake signing. I like the idea of signing Aldon Smith. I think he finally has his life together, and he knows one more mistake and his career is most likely over.


4. That would be a really good draft class. I still don't think Myles Jack falls to us though, and William Jackson in the 3rd is unlikely. Getting Chris Jones in the 2nd would be a great pick. The rest of the draft is fine.

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I would love an offseason like this, but I highly doubt any of the options you listed for the first round will be there. Myles Jack is probably not getting out of the top 10, and I expect Spence and Smith to go top 15. I would obviously love to have any of those guys, I just don't see it happening.

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People are against possibly drafting Spence but you think we will sign Aldon Smith in FA? Not saying you specific Peytonator but others.  I definitely do not see us going after a FA that can not apply for reinstatement until November when they will not have a verdict until like December (Josh Gordon reinstatement will take a month).  So you pick up a guy for 2017?  Also, I still do not understand why poeple think the Center position is nothing.  you always hope to do what Polian did and have great talent late or UDFA but that is few and far between.  We need an anchor for Luck so I say it is important.  

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