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Cam Newton fumble reaction

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6 hours ago, Bogie said:


Cam Newton played absolutely horrifying in that game. He should be required to give back his MVP and it go to Carson Palmer for his terrific comeback season. 


That was the worst MVP quarterback performance I have seen since Rich Gannon in 2003 and his epic meltdown in the Super Bowl. 


Cam Newton is officially our new Rich Gannon. Some will compare him to McNabb but I don't think that's fair, cause McNabb was a lot nicer person, and he still kept that SB a tight game to the very end despite having a coach who don't know how to manage a clock. There is no excuses for Cam at all for this game. 

Take it from cam because he had a rough day against the broncos in the superbowl and give it to carson who had a much worse game vs the panthers in the NFCCG?   


Yeah,   that makes total sense. 

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