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Where's Cams defenders this time?


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1 minute ago, OffensivelyPC said:

And the fan disrespected camp, he deserved to have his flag taken. This man, on behalf of the entire 12th man fanbase took it upon himself to disrespect one football player. It goes both ways.


More importantly, if not realistically, this wouldn't even have been a new story but for the woman posting her open letter for everyone to see. I haven't seen any other open letters or distraught Seahawks fans granted I haven't looked since lunch when this conversation started

But that is just one person.  The 12th man flag is a symbol to more than one person.  That one fan does no represent the entire fan base, the flag does.  So you are telling me, that the one person speaks for all of the 12th man.  he has the consent of the entire Seattle fanbase?  Seriously? 


I saw it live and immediately thought exactly what I am saying now.  Many other people I am sure did too. 

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3 minutes ago, Jules said:

Yes lets all get bent out of shape with fake outrage over.......nothing.



But Jules, why aren't you outraged!? Don't you understand that the world is collapsing and you should be outraged over everything!? 


Aren't you mad about anything? Did the mail man arrive late today? You should yell at him tomorrow, cause it's destroying the nation cause OH MY GOD 



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