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Just bought my tickets to the Wembley game! WAHOO!


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I got my tickets - should be behind the Colts bench!   I'm from Edinburgh (in Scotland rather than Indiana!) but have been out to Indy to see the Colts each of Andrew Luck years - still can't believe I left it too late to see Peyton as a Colt!


Hopefully see some of you there!  I spend a fair bit of time in London so let me know if you want any info.  Best piece of advice is not to stay anywhere near the stadium since it is a fair distance from central London and the area around Wembley is not so nice - perfectly safe - just ugly! 

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11 hours ago, scousecolt said:

I got my tickets in the club Wembley section. Can't wait, Liverpool just got to the cup final too so Wembley twice this year, hopefully more too. The Colts game will be my 6th trip to Wembley but my first NFL game there.

Surely you cant be a Liverpool fan AND bleed blue!


Chelsea Football Club | Country: England, United Kingdom. País: Inglaterra, Reino Unido. | Founded/Fundado: 1905/03/10 | Badge/Escudo: 2005 - present:   :thmup:

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13 hours ago, braveheartcolt said:

I'll be there chaps. A bit nearer the time we can hopefully arrange to meet up......

In about August / early September time I plan on starting a thread for this. We don't even know the kickoff times yet and won't until the full season schedule is released.

I'm gonna guess it will start somewhere between 1pm and 4pm, which will actually make meeting up kind of awkward,

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