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Ok I have to say this...

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We shouldn't get rid of either Griggs or Paggs... here me out, I will make this short


First Paggs... The guy can coach. In todays NFL a HC is more like a guy that manages other coaches and gets players to buy in. Some coaches are true x n o's guys but some are not. You think Tomlin is an x n o's guy at this stage? Hell no. He's an imposing motivator. HC does have final say but only oversteps his staff in times when its obvious he needs to


Next Griggs... This guy just has a case of the "look at me" crap. He literally has the look and demeanor of someone who thinks his crap doesn't stink. This to me is simply over zealous from a standpoint of trying to prove something too fast. Some of the moves he has made have been great, most of the ones that haven't been when you think about it has been trying to acquire average guys based on $$ managing in hopes of them being coached up. The T-Rich was HORRIBLE, the werner pick I believe falls on both Paggs and griggs based on them needing a pass rusher that year where they reached when all the others we're gone. Cole sucks, but he was coming off highly productive years in Philly as like Art Jones from Baltimore. On paper these we're great acquisitions. It just turned out that in these two examples injuries and falling off a cliff is what happened here.


to sum this up, if I was Irsay I would sit them both down and re-regulate the power and get them back on same page moving forward and INSIST first and foremost that staff changes be made immediately as well as cit the dead weight players that are no longer viable


First up: Bye Manusky and enter MIke Pettine as DC. Has a history with both Paggs and Chud and would instantly overhaul this unit within the 3-4 scheme.

Keep Chud for at least another year as OC

get rid of Clyde and possibly get frank reich to coach QB's/assistant OC, O-line coach and RB's coach... I'm not sure who who fit here y'all can help me out here and I believe we will be better than fine


Just my take

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Both of them have their positives and negatives. However, their inability to work together has created a toxic environment. I like both of them, but they need to go. We need new voices in both the GM and H.C spot.

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