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Indianapolis Colts
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    • We aren’t even in the same situation as the giants lol. My point stands if the coaches feel a rookie will do best sitting for a year Jacoby will start. If the rookie comes in and blows the roof off in training camp then they will have to make a decision.  They better be sure that rookie is ready. My point was they aren’t going to cut Jacoby. What happens is that rookie stinks it up the first 2 games and is not ready. Who do you have left to salvage a season.  We need to slow down a little. I will laugh my * off of they pass on a couple QB everyone wants them to take. This forum will implode. 
    • Mack is #7, while Barkley is #15 in YPG.... and the Colts are 6th in YPG while NYG are 26th... Not saying Mack is more talented than Barkley, but JB has it great in terms of both an OL to protect him, and a running game to fall back on.    Jones would trade our OL for Barkley any day of the week, especially on Sundays.   Rook QBs typically get ruined when they are forced to play behind a bad OL, and don't have a running game for balance.... not really just because they have to play early. A rook really couldn't ask for a better landing spot than the Colts. The only thing a rook might struggle with in Indy is learning scheme and adjusting to the speed of the game, and those are two things you only learn with playing time.   Not saying we should start a rook day one, or Reich would want to do that, but all this "JB needs to play next year" is sort of silly. Every situation is different. JB may not even want to stay next year if we draft a QB. Or he could end up disgruntled. It's rare that a QB handles losing his job like Eli, but you never know. He could also handle it with grace and be happy to stay and be a backup. I do know one thing though, I don't see JB as an ideal mentor. He just doesn't have a lot of experience to draw from, nor is he great in any skill set areas. 
    • There are so many anti JB people in here right now that I think Chad could look average and get the benefit of the doubt from most people in here. As long as he doesn't look bad like Hoyer did vs Miami. I am not going to bash the guy if he plays and we lose unless he just looks bad.
    • I wonder if Chad would get the same sympathy, if he didn’t play well. 
    • I think Chad should play now. I may eat crow for saying this but I see no way we beat the Saints. Saints are playing for a lot too. By the way I am one that actually picked us at KC too. I don't see it this week though.
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