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Is Bruce Smith/Decon Jones/Mark Gastineau available


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Since we got to read the crap "what about him" or just "released lets sign him" post all the time I say

Lets give multi-millions to bring out of retirement Bruce Smith/Decon Jones/Mark Gastineau to help with the DL since its in shambles.

Also in consideration are

Randy White

Dwight White

Warren Sapp

Reggie White

"Mean" Joe Greene

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Reggie White would be tough to get to camp im thinkin..

haha! We could acquire him, divy him up into little pouches of ashes, hand them out to our d-lineman, and have them poof them into the opposing team's o-linemens' faces on critical plays, like a smoke screen kinda idea. Yep, that'd work. :FBrolleyes:

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