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Lombardi Trophy Presenter at SB 46?


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Hi all,

I thought it was a really nice touch that last year Roger Staubach carried the Lombardi trophy on the field and presented it to the Packers . . . and it kind of got me to thinking if the NFL/Colts did the same thing this year. I say NFL/Colts as I do not know if it was the Cowboys idea (which i think i might of been) or the NFL's idea/permission. Either way who do you think, or want, to bring out the trophy at SB 46, if they do the same thing this year as last . . .

I would be nice to go old school. Sadly we lost John Mackey this year . . . Art Donovan altho he is 85 years old . . . Raymnond Berry or Lenny Moore . . . if they wanted to go more modern Coach Dungy would be a nice touch . . .

For me i like to see either Art Donovan or Coach Dungy bring out the Lombardi on to the field . . .

any thoughts ?

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I don't know about Marvin, his exit from the NFL was kind of sketchy with all those gun accusations and everything. I would love to see Dungy present it, just imagine seeing Dungy hand the Lombardi Trophy to Peyton...

It would have been great to see Mackey present it. So many good options available, Berry, Moore, Marchetti. I would love to see Marchetti present it

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