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No Patriots in 2016

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Unfortunately, Brady will be "chuckling" at us all the way to SB-50.  Just makes me cringe with a little vomit coming up  :puke:.  Just think, if we would have beat the Patriots, we wouldn't be in this mess.  Oh wait, we didn't lose to the Jags, right?  Pinching myself, dang, we did........  humphhhhhhh.

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1 hour ago, azcolt said:

Our incompetence means we won't have them on the schedule next year. So at least that's one annual lopsided loss we won't have next year. 

Yeah I would still like to play them because I would love to see Andrew finally beat them but by not winning the Division our schedule may be a tad easier next season. Not having them on the schedule alone makes it easier. We also play the NFC North next season and the Lions and Bears both are games we should win just looking way ahead if Andrew plays and is healthy.

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If the Colts by some miracle end up winning the South, they'll play the Pats in the regular season, as they're scheduled to play whoever finishes the AFC East in same divisional position as them.


So if Indy wins the South, Pats win East, then they play. But it's not looking likely, it's looking more like it'll be NYJ or BUF.

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