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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Fun game to watch. Nice comeback by Wentz and the Eagles.
    • It's all an equation. W/Ls are an output of several factors. INTs are part of the equation. IIRC, Luck has near the same INT% as Rivers. There are a lot of really bad QBs that just don't throw INTs too. Many though, like yours truly didn't see Brissett riding high early. He had a few good games, but he also had some stinkers. Those stinkers don't disappear because of a few good games. Just like Rivers stinkers don't disappear after the Bengals game. One thing is pretty clear though. Rivers throws more INTs. The other thing that is crystal clear, is that Rivers is a lot better in many other facets. And we all know JB's chances of overcoming a 21 point deficit is pretty much nil.  It's more than just a handful of plays. Sure, a handful matter, but the other 90% matter too. There were more than a handful of plays where JB just couldn't get it done. You can't highlight the successful handful, and ignore all the negative.    Every third down play, every red zone play, is important. And every chunk play is important. This whole "one play" narrative is silly. It's only "one play" depending on what you did all the other plays. If a QB forces you to play any style outside of your scheme, that's a bad thing. JB simply doesn't fit Reich's O. Reich's O relies on good reads and quick progressions, with an occasional chunk shot. JB struggles biggly with reads and progressions. It's as simply as that. He's isn't a good fit. If you don't want that style, you should be wanting a new coach. Rivers was arguably the best available that fit Reich's scheme. It's probably easier to try and limit River's INTs, than to try and get Brissett to do things he's never been able to do. If you think JB would make us "relevant", not sure what to tell you. Sure, it might take Rivers getting on a good roll to take us to a high level, but the ceiling is simply higher and chances better of a playoff peak with Rivers. 
    • I wouldn't be too disappointed.  There are several factors here, not the least of which him being thrust into the starting role 1st half of Game 1.  But he is a rook, which means he's a work in progress.  Heck even Blackmon, who everybody is slobbering over, is still a work in progress.  We just don't have a large enough body of work to say he is going to be _____.  I agree, he is missing some yards out there.  But as I stated above, I think some of that is he is just trying to establish a rhythm, find cohesion with his OL and the QB, remembering the playbook, etc.  I think he is just trying to run where the play is designed right now, maybe even being coached to do so.  None of these rooks even had a pre-season.  These things take time no matter how much we fans want them to come out and dominate week 1.  It just very rarely happens.   But the talent is there.  You can't coach speed and toughness and his yac has been one of the best in the league thus far.  And remember when everyone was questioning his receiving skills?  Not been a problem thus far.  Same with the fumbling issues.  I'm glad we have Rathman here, he is a great teacher and motivator for this RB group, and I think he will continue to develop Taylor's skills.  I would love to have Mack back but we will all just have to see on that.
    • Jim Sorgi made his money without ever having to wash his uniform. Brissett wants to play but on a junk team? Maybe he will progress this year and next to the point Reich will see him as the starter. Who knows, way too early.
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