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If Manning Goes....we Are The Browns


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This team will likely struggle next year if Luck is the QB.....

This team will likely struggle next season if Manning is the QB....and can't make it though the season healthy.

The only way this team likely will see 10 or more wins in 2012 (and perhaps 2013) is if Manning returns and is his former great self....which will be harder to do than it was in previous seasons given his 3 surgeries and the fact that Wayne, Clark, Addai, Saturday and all these "greats" we've enjoyed watching are also getting older too.

No matter who is under center next September, I wouldn't expect to see the Colts of the mid to late 2000's......and hopefully we don't see any more of the Curtis Painter "era" football either.

This is a time of change for the Colts....no matter what happens around March 8th, 2012.

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Remember Manning's rookie year? 3-13 wasn't it. How did that same team do the second year? 13-3 wasn't it.

Come now folks, lets show a little optimism for this teams future; Manning or no Manning, Luck or no Luck.

If Manning is released before the "pay date", or if we draft Luck and he ends up starting this year or in the next 2, I have confidence that we will be fine. Luck is the type of quarterback that like Manning will work on developing that perfect timing with his receivers.

Will we go into the playoff in Lucks first year starting? Maybe, maybe not. Manning didn't and look how his career turned out.

we did have unstoppable Harrison & the Edge that 13-3 year, luck wont , would be a longer rebuild / turnaround

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No disrespect...

but if Mannng is no longre with us...there is no advantage to keeping the players that he works with best

...like Jeff Saturday, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and Austin Collie..

Manning's edge is his unspoken connection and personal code with his receivers..

No other QB will have that relationship which took years to develop..

..So to move Manning means we move 4 or 5 other players and we watch the playoffs for a couple of years.


No. Posters, do yourself a huge favor and realize the situation is much more flexible than this.

You guys deal with absolutes too much.

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...agreed...over years..he can...

...with manning..we are keeping the old gang..and trying for a last hurrah...

with Luck or RG3....we must bring in ''his' Dallas Clark or 'his' Reggie Wayne..and that mnay take 2 or 3 years...

When some say..pass the torch from Manning and .'be realistic' and 'accept the inevitable' next year...

being realistic is 6-10 next year

Im sure Luck can pass a football to Wayne, Collie, Clark, ect. just fine.

Players don't have to play together for years to have success. 1 offseason and preseason together will form some familiarity between players. Like the Bengals, the Colts can send a completely revamped team to the playoffs.

I feel silly writing this because its so obvious.

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