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Colts @ Steelers Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

It was a bad one. We just have to flush it and forget about it. Still in 1st place in the division with 4 games left. Texans lost and the Pats even lost so I am ok. Not happy with our play but games like these happen from time to time.

I have to think NE won't lose 3 in a row and will beat Houston. I think thats next week. I can't ever recall Brady/BB losing 3 in a row. 

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2 minutes ago, chad hugo said:

same story, good enough against the afc south and terrible against every other team (except denver apparently)

- make the playoffs by default

- exit first round 



You forgot:

- get worse draft position

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    • I like our chances a lot against cold weather teams like the Ravens or Bills in the playoffs.  Our strong running game and OL could be the difference in bad weather.  Just get in I and like our chances. 
    • Old guy wisdom here....   At any time, the team you follow is either moving up, moving down, or stagnant. Wins are great, but I would rather have the team losing but on the way up, than winning but on the way down. One view is the now moment, the other is the future moment.    In my view, the Colt are on their way up. They are young, with a bright future. I am actually loving the way this high character/effort group that CB has assembled is fighting through this. It is something to be proud of as a fan. The wins will come.    But as always, enjoy/hate/be depressed(or whatever you might feel) over the current moments as you will. It is each, of our choice to make. Only you can allow circumstance to dictate your own level of enjoyment. 
    • Sorry, this came out all wrong really. I'm perfectly fine with a 50/50 split or even 60/40 favoring the pass, I just don't get why we keep pulling Taylor out when he's hot in favor of other RBs. It's just bad coaching in my opinion.
    • Balance is nice especially cause one helps the other.....  But this is a passing league and a good passing team is preferable over a good running team.
    • Can a mod change it to family. Calling it a posse has a different conotation. Plus never seen the people who normally make it up (Friends be an issue).      On to the actual topic though, ya I would be incredibly annoyed as him, they are using his fame to get famous when they all need to shut up, as none of them have anything about them except causing issues. I mean look at Pat Mahomes, he was a profesional baseball player, he is the one that is actually a famous to a degree, and he is the one who isnt doing anything out there to bring attention, they need to follow his lead. He needs to help Patrick by controlling to a degree the Mom and Brother 
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