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Colts @ Steelers Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

It was a bad one. We just have to flush it and forget about it. Still in 1st place in the division with 4 games left. Texans lost and the Pats even lost so I am ok. Not happy with our play but games like these happen from time to time.

I have to think NE won't lose 3 in a row and will beat Houston. I think thats next week. I can't ever recall Brady/BB losing 3 in a row. 

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2 minutes ago, chad hugo said:

same story, good enough against the afc south and terrible against every other team (except denver apparently)

- make the playoffs by default

- exit first round 



You forgot:

- get worse draft position

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    • which at least theoretically would've freed Ballard up to use the "Campbell pick" on someone else as well
    • Spot on.    Just look at the QBs in the AFC...Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, and now Herbert. Yikes. You can't settle at this position and think you will be a serious contender.   Granted, football is still a team game and it's not all on the QB BUT there is no position that impacts the game as much as the QB and no position that can make his teammates better like the QB. Being say a top 15 QB isn't likely to cut it if you want to be a serious contender. The bar is higher than ever for what you need out of a QB.   In his 5 years in Philly there were a number of questions about Wentz to raise doubts as to whether or not he is a franchise QB. Perhaps some are unfair but they were there. That's not normal for franchise QBs at all. 5 years into a career you almost always know what you have.   IMO 5 games is not enough to crown him.         
    • Luck was the better QB but having said that I like Wentz, they are similar. Wentz showed me a lot on Monday to gain my confidence to the point, I think he could pull a Luck and win the the next 5 games looking at our schedule.
    • In my mind, he only gets a pass on the QB thing. However, that ends with this Wentz attempt, good results or bad.    as for the defense, I am on the train of thought that looks at it as scheme and calling. We blitz the least in the league, we also leave HUGE open zones and holes. That’s all scheme. To me, that’s on Eberflus and Reich for letting it happen. Ballard needs to look at a new DC and soon. 
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