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Colts @ Steelers Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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1 minute ago, Luck12-to-Hilton13 said:

Its never our night. They play games like this week in and week out. A bunch of losers is this team.



Really. Don't get hurt when you jump off the wagon...


Yeah, they've had a tough night. But this team hung with the undefeated Panthers, beat the then undefeated Broncos .  And did so that without a lot of starters.  Freaking amazing. Just last week people were praising the colts and such. Geez

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    • Well we normally win one game in a surprise fashion so the Bucs or Bills could be that. I say this year we sweep the Jags for the first time since like 2013. We beat the Titans, as long as our QB can move and Frank remembers they have a running game too. Raiders, I do not expect to still be competing at that point. Cardinals, who knows, depends if Murray hits a wall for his third straight year or not, plus could be a Christmas Miracle. Texans, Jets, and Pats we need to take care of business. If not for Wentz injury, we win Rams game, and could probably the Titans. Baltimore was epic collapse. The Seahawks is the only straight lost. So the biggest wild card is injuries
    • Besides the division the 6th and 7th seed is up for grabs as well. Currently the Steelers have the 7th seed. AFC North will cannibalize each other. Next two games will be very important.
    • Folks. Really. Ballard isn’t going to allow Reich to hold Wentz out with the intention of doing the Eagles dirty on the pick. That wouldn’t just be un-Ballardlike, it would be entirely unprecedented. If we pulled some % like that who would ever want to trade with us again? How are the players, that you want to entice to wanting to come and play here, react to that?    Send them the first round pick now and just be done with it. We got what we paid for, and this organization isn’t going to step into a pile of % that would reach knee-deep when they can just take the simple and easy step right over the top of it instead. 
    • As another poster said, Henry is really the only RB you can ride that hard to be out there every play. The reason Taylor still can get those long runs late is the DEF is tired but he isnt since he does get breaks, and then to have Mack and Hines runs gives a bit of another hit on the DEF without Taylor getting hit and gives a different look where a big play could hit later (Like if they only passed when Hines was in then DEF would only play the Pass, you run him a few times to make the DEF stay honest). That is kinda that reason for rotation.       Really may complaint is after up 24-3 I wish they had taken Wentz out and let Hundley in, one to help with the draft thing, but 2 there could have been a cheapshot on Wentz and could get injured at a meaningless point. A thing like with what happened to TY
    • You have a point there. Not crazy about Rodgers or Brady. 
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